Friday, February 02, 2007


For some odd reason, I am tempted to take a photo of myself with a knitting needle up my nose and post it here. Fortunately for all of us, I am very able to resist temptation.

Instead, here's a fun photo from my computer files:

Look! It's me! Driving a car! Actually John's car! My friend, Mari, took this photo when she was visiting from Japan. Obviously, since I am driving, John must have been on one of his "work" trips, where he did "worky" things with cute 20-something boys. And I got to stay at his place, drive his car, and take care of the DemonDog Puppy from Hell.
Aaah. The memories.

Comments about how cute I looked back then (oh, so long ago, the Fall of 2005) gleefully accepted and appreciated.

Today, I am wearing one of the sweaters I bought at H&M last weekend [Buy one get one free! *woot*]. For a fun game, I am going to guess how many gay boys I will see wearing this EXACT SAME sweater tonight. If I'm right, I win a prize. If I'm wrong, I win a prize!

I love sponsoring contests!

And, my guess for how many gay boys will be wearing this EXACT SAME sweater is ...


Ha. I kid. That's actually the answer to the ultimate question.

My real guess is 3.

Let's see if I'm wrong.

*Happy Weekend Smooches*
luv luv hugs hugs


  1. I am not wearing a sweater.

  2. You: Totally adorable and cute!

  3. gayprof: i think i need photographic proof of you not wearing a sweater in order to believe your statement.

    brad: i knew there was a reason why i loved you so ...

    meanwhile, no one else was wearing my sweater. i was surprised. and the bigger surprise is that i may have a date tomorrow with someone i met at the bar. i am such a tramp.


  4. I am going to have to see the sweater you bought at H&M then we will go "woo-ing" and "ahhh-ing" again. :-)

    You do look adorable in there. But if you didn't wear that brown jacket, you would have looked more adorable.

    You may have a date tomorrow. Yay. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Wishing you the bestest date in the world.

    Have a great weekend.


  6. Ha, you were wrong:-p We saw none! Who could dare to wear the same sweater knowing that you were the cutest in it?

  7. Do you get points if you see a straight boy wearing the sweater? Just curious.

  8. I am SO tempted to follow through on your temptation on your behalf...I mean, it's not like there's anything but snow to take pictures of, here...