Thursday, February 15, 2007

Non-Drinkers Are So Much Fun

The snow looked glassy on the walk home. I hesitantly put one blue-booted foot on it. It was slick, smooth. I walked the rest of the way home on the plowed sludge, frozen, uneven, but easier to walk on. As I passed the middle school athletic field, I was suddenly smacked across the gob with an idea: I should try to ice skate on the track!

I did. It was a brief moment of silliness. It made me laugh. I ran and then tried to slide as far as I could. Of course, only after I stopped did I think, "Hm. If I had fallen, my brittle nearly-37-year-old bones would have shattered."

While I was skating around the track, I missed a call from pab. Once home, and settled, I called him back.

"What are you doing," he asked.
"I'm sorting laundry, hunting for quarters, and making a manhattan." [As you know, I've been craving those lately ... mmm ... bourbony goodness]
"A manhattan? What's in those? Can you make them without alcohol?"
"Sure," I responded, with a laugh. "If you want a cherry in a cocktail glass."

Which reminded me of my 33rd birthday party at the Lesbian (oops. I mean, Lebanese) Taverna in Woodley Park. My friend, Michelle, had told me at work - we worked part-time, weekends only, at the Sackler Gallery Gift Shop, part of the Smithsonian Institution - that she wanted to try a martini without alcohol. To which I responded, "You mean olives in a glass?"

Well, at my 33rd birthday party, in which I drank my dinner and do not know how I got home, but didn't end up with any visible scarring unlike my 35th birthday party, and was quite angry with my boyfriend-at-the-time for putting me on the train and not accompanying me home, Michelle ordered my first (of many) drink that evening: Olives. In a Glass.

She said she had to explain it many times to the waiter. In English and Arabic.

I think I may take my camera with me to work tomorrow and make a short ice-skating video for you.

I must check on my soup.

*many happy smooches*


  1. Brittle bones at 37? You've got to stop that line of thinking. You're not old. Still young and obviously goofy. I can think of worse fates.

  2. 37 is young.

    The more serious issue, though, is that he doesn't drink? No way, man, that's a deal breaker.

    Not that I have a problem or anything...

  3. gayprof: He's not a complete non-drinkier, just compared to me he seems like a non-drinker. He says he enjoys a glass of wine every now and then, but he has no tolerance. Hmm ... it will be easy to get him drunk and take advantage. If I want.