Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine's Eve

At 2:30, I shut down the Hotline. The roads were becoming dangerous, slicked with sleet and ice and snow. My co-workers were getting anxious. One of the Program Mangers told me, "I went ahead and shut down without permission. The world will go on even if we miss a couple of phone calls."

It's true. If it's urgent, they can always call back tomorrow.

I slipped and slid down the hill home. My overcoat, ice-encrusted. My face, frozen. Once home, I melted onto the sofa.

I called Kristen about the ballet. Neither of us wanted to venture out into the frozen mess. I had the brilliant (if I do say so myself) idea that she should call (the tickets were in her name) to see if we could exchange them for another night. The Kennedy Center website only said "No refunds." It didn't mention exchanges. Kristen called, while we chatted on IM. When I told her that I didn't want to die for the ballet, she laughed and told the operator, who replied, "We don't want you to die either." And, thus, our tickets were easily exchanged [plus a $10 per ticket fee].

Now, We will be attending the Edward Scissorhands ballet on Friday night, for $58 each, rather than $43. Still ... it's better than losing the money and not seeing the dance.

Instead, I've worked on my short story, which is to be read aloud in class tomorrow. AUGH. Panic. And I've been trying to organize my thoughts about the other two stories we have to critique.

I also called the Date ... I've yet to come up with an appropriate moniker for him. Perhaps, "the idiot," because he seems to like me a lot. We had spoken earlier in the afternoon. He called to see if I had left work early. I shared with him my ballet dilemma. He said I could stay at his place if the roads were bad or I became stranded. I demurred. He offered to drive me home afterwards, which was sweet ... but unnecessary. I am independent. Hear me roar!

Anyway, I called to tell him that I would not be going to the ballet tonight, that we were able to exchange our tickets. We talked. He suggested that we get together tonight. I said no ... in a nice way. Or at least in as nice a way as VUBOQ can.

We are going out on Saturday. That's soon enough. I have concerns that he's projecting ideas of how he thinks I should be on how I know I am. "You would love this," he says. Until I say, "Um. No. I don't think I would." Getting to know each other. It's a long process. And it hasn't even been a week.

At least I think he's worth getting to know. That's a good thing, right? Right?

Hm... and I was going to take this opportunity to tell you about the Valentine's Day Lonely Loser Dinner, but I guess that will have to wait.

*smooches* and *hugs* kittens


  1. yes, wanting to get to know him better is a good thing. being cautious is a good thing, and you're worth being somewhat careful. don't forget to post details. :)

  2. Oooh, a Valentine's Lonely Loser Dinner! There's a consumer niche that has been missed. Just think ... the vuboq line of lonely loser t-shirts, mugs, sour-grape chocolates. I love it. This could be big. BIG, I tell you.

    A worthwhile getting to know date is a good start.

  3. I've yet to come up with an appropriate moniker for him. Perhaps, "the idiot," because he seems to like me a lot

    Hey, Mr.I-Have-No-Self-Esteem... WTF? There are lots of reasons why a good would be into you and none of them involve a mental impairment.

    As for the projecting, though, that could be not so good. Just wait and see. Enjoy what happens either way.

  4. That's "good guy." I really need to start proofreading before I comment.

  5. Is he bossy? Or just so eager to fall in love that he's assigning qualities to you?