Tuesday, February 06, 2007

First Annual Blogger Chili Blog Off!

Kittens, it's cold outside!

And what do we want to do in cold weather, besides snuggle with a cute cuddlebunny and/or drink loads of alcohol (it's insulating ... really)?

EAT CHILI! That's what!

Thus, I propose the

First Annual Blogger Chili Blog Off

for this Saturday, February 10, 2007!

Here's what we do:

Step 1: Spread the word throughout Bloglandia!
Step 2: On Saturday, make chili!
Step 3: Take photos of the chili!
Step 4: Post photos of your chili!
Step 5: Post your chili recipe!
Step 6: Accept wonderful chili-flavored praise from your friends and readers!

There will be no judgement, only positive chili affirmation!

You could even invite some friends over to partake of your delicious chili creations!
Mmm. Spicy Meaty (or Beany) FUN!

You know you want to do this ...
[even those of you who say you can't cook]!

*red hot chili smooches*


  1. i have the perfect recipe. i can even do it today! can i do it today?

  2. what if it isn't cold in pakistan?

  3. Anonymous7:23 PM

    I JUST made chili - I may take a picture.
    This is Dillon, but I'm too lazy to log in.

  4. Saturday, hmm? I suppose I can manage that...I *do* have a fabulous chili recipe, after all.

  5. Gwooh... I do not have a chili recipe handy, but by golly, I'll find one!

  6. ok, if I must....! I'll tell TT that vuboq made me do it (So to speak)

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