Sunday, February 18, 2007

The View from Uranus

The date yesterday with pab was quite fun. He picked me up around noon and we drove to National Airport to return his rental. He has this weird philosophy about not putting mileage on his car, so, whenever he takes a roadtrip, he rents. To each their own, ne?

After dropping off the car, we ended up at this little restaurant in Del Ray (augh. VA, again) for lunch. I had a sandwich with roasted eggplant tomato basil mozzarella. Quite yummy. Then, we drove back into Civilization to visit the National Portrait Gallery.

It was all right. After awhile I began to feel "portrait overload." Seriously, how many paintings of people can you look at, thinking "Hm. Should I know who this person is?" before you go absolutely bonkers?

The answer is apparently ten. I did enjoy the American Art sections of the museum. Were those Noguchi settees and tables in the Modern Art section? I believe they were. Placed there for the huddled masses to enjoy. Hot!

The Joseph Cornell exhibit was also fascinating (Thanks for pointing that out, Matt!).

After leaving the museum, we thought about going to a movie, but nothing was playing at the E Street that I wanted to see (except Volver, and it didn't start for another 2 hours or so). We ended up having coffee at Starbucks, and, then driving to Silver Spring for dinner.

Mmm. Ginger Salad from Mandalay. Mmmm.

After dinner, we wandered over to the AFI, but nothing there was of interest either (that I hadn't already seen). So, we ended up buying a DVD, To Wong Foo - Thanks for Everything Love, Julie Newmar, and coming back to my place to watch it.

This was not simply a clever ploy to get him in my house so we could make out. That was a pleasant side effect though. The movie ended. We got a little hot and heavy on the sofa. He's a good kisser. He has nice arms. Hairy chest. We started talking about what we like (sexually) and, then, it was all

Houston We Have a Problem

He doesn't like butt sex. And I think butt sex is very important. So, I am presented with a dilemma: Is it enough that I've met someone who -very early in the relationship- seems like a great match, funny, good career, interesting hobbies, likes to travel, adventurous eater, yet *may* not be able to fulfill my sexual needs?

Granted, he does like oral sex (a lot, he says). And, he seemed willing -if the relationship progresses to that point- to give butt sex the old college try. But, can you teach an old dog new tricks? Will that be enough?

We continued to make out. Things started to get out of hand, so I said that was enough by telling him what one of my kittens had said the other day on the phone, "A fast beginning leads to a fast ending."

Better to take it slow and see what happens, no?


  1. Your kitten is wise.

    Sexual compatibility is really important in my book. Before dismissing him, though, I would seek out more data. Why doesn't he like butt sex? What has been his history to this point? Maybe he just hasn't had the right experiences . . . yet.

    In the meantime, you seem to enjoy spending time with him. So, take it as it comes (no pun intended).

  2. I'm with gayprof. Maybe pab has had some bad experiences, impatient boys, etc. Imagine the gift you'd be giving him if you could train him up in the ways to do it right. ;)

  3. He's a good kisser ... and at least he's willing to explore the possibilities in the future ... so, that's good. I completely agree with gayprof, too.

    Wait ... am I actually giving sex advice?? Ummm, right.

  4. These things can certainly change. I would guess it is a bad (or lack of) experience thing.

    I was afraid of it myself for the first year after I came out. Now well, let's just say that couldn't be farther from the case.


  5. Okay, so this just shows me how completely IGNORANT I am about gay men. I had no idea there were those out there that didn't like butt sex! I mean, that would be like me, the straight girl saying that I didn't like vaginal sex. Is it an experience thing? An age thing? *shakes head* I feel like a dork.