Monday, February 05, 2007

Falling Apart

I am experiencing the joys of an ophthalmic migraine this morning. *woot*
And in how many places am I bleeding?

I cut myself shaving this morning. Ouch.
Last night, while grating parmesan for the soup, my hand slipped and I grated my left knuckle. Ow.

Yesterday afternoon, while taking out my recycling, I started to unscrew the lid on a bottle. It had a snag which caught my finger and sliced it as I twisted the lid. It's a little deeper than a paper cut. And very annoying.

As is this migraine.

The soup last night was amazing! So very, very yum. I'm surprised Mike liked it, because usually he turns his nose up at things which "smell bad." Not that the soup smelled bad, but it does smell differently from what one would expect a soup to smell like. He actually said it "smelled good." Hm...

Then, we watched Over the Hedge. He went home. I cleaned a little. Chatted with a few friends and went to bed.

Today, I must write some for class, read some stories for class, clean my kitchen, and stop slicing various body parts. Fun. Times.

Don't forget today is Meat-Free Monday. Do your part for the environment by enjoying a delicious meat-free meal today. I will be having Leftover Soup Edition, methinks.



  1. What's on your band-aid? Water fleas?

  2. Sliced fingers? Migraines? It's January, man. It's January.

  3. I just had an MRI on my head and a Carotid Doppler to figure out whether my visual disturbances are complex migraines or a brain tumor!

    After reading your link, though, I'm positive what I'm having is opthalmic migraines. Woot!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. I hope blood was not a secret ingredient for the soup. But it literally made me squiky when I read your "incidents". Take good care of youself. Liquid band-aid I was looking forward to when I went to your country last month wasn't too bad :-)

  5. Are those blood-sucking leeches on your band-aid?

    I'd make something meatless in your honour but my workplace is having dinner catered this evening. How about I only eat the green parts of the meal.

    No work today until noon ... and it's raining, not snowing. First rain of the year. This excites me.

    *kisses for all the boo-boos*

  6. those graters! how much i hate them. and yes, what's up with the leeches?

    on GP's theory: I noticed that Dec- Jan has always been the worse part of the year on all fronts. so persevere my friend…

  7. kittens: My self-adhesive bandage is not decorated with water fleas (Daphnia pulex) nor is it decorated with blood-sucking leeches. It is decorated with various types of sushi.

    Now, be all jealous of my sushi bandages!

  8. Bummer! I can't believe you managed to injure yourself in pursuit of good soup!

  9. Oh, I'm disappointed-->sushi bandages. blood-sucking leeches bandages should have been better....

  10. Oh, ugh, opthalmic migraines are no fun at all. Do you at least get pretty ones? I had them off and on for a few years where the top half of people's faces weren't there when I look at them. Spooky. The last one I had was rainbow-colored. At least it was an aesthetic improvement.