Friday, February 16, 2007

A Soup-er Evening!

I had loads of fun last night. I had to do laundry, but didn't have enough quarters. I had to scrounge around through buckets of change until I found enough to do one load of laundry. Ah. Clean undies for yet another week. Life. It is good.

I also made soup. I would love to tell you it was delicious, but I burned my tongue with the first bite and lost all sense of taste. It smelled good though. The recipe is thus:

Saute in olive oil 1/2 onion (diced) and clove of garlic (mashed).
Add one apple (peeled, cubed) and 3 potatoes (peeled, cubed).
Add one chipotle pepper and a couple of spoonfuls of adobo sauce.
Cook for a bit.
Meanwhile, slice in half an acorn squash and remove seeds.
Place squash in 1/4 cup of water and microwave for 8-10 minutes.
To the pot add one can of diced tomatoes and several cans of water.
Bring to a boil.
Scoop out squash bits and add to soup.
Add salt and pepper to taste.
When all the veggies are soft, blend the HELL out of those suckers.
Gawd, I love my handblender.

Serve with bread. Eat.
Say, "Yum!"

I should have taken a picture. Oh well, all my blended squash soups pretty much look the same though - orange and creamy-smooth.

I knitted a bit on the Never-ending Left Sleeve of the Never-ending Sweater of Doom. I'm about two-thirds done with it, and I think I must have missed a few increases along the way. Oops. I don't think that will matter all that much. I'll keep increasing now until I have the correct number of stitches. My goal is to finish the sweater by the end of the month and wear it for the first time on my birthday (March 17th, for those of you who want to send presents. And you know who you are!).

pab called on his way home from his school's first basketball game. They lost. He was hoarse. We talked for a bit. He's off to Pennsylvania for the day to visit friends where he used to work.

I'll be enjoying the Edward Scissorhands Ballet this evening with my friend, Kristen. YAY! I remembered my binoculars! Double YAY! Maybe my boss will let us leave early for the holiday weekend (I hope! I hope! I hope!).

I guess that's about it. For now.

*smooches* kittens

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  1. It's a holiday weekend? No one told me! I've never been to a ballet. I thought they were all called Swan Lake and the like, ... Edward Scissorhands in tights ... cool!

    I hope you and Pab have a fun date on Saturday.