Monday, February 12, 2007

There Was a Date

So ... I went on a date Sunday.
We met at Union Station for coffee. I had to pay, because as we were ordering he couldn't find his wallet. He was getting a little panicky, so I had to remind him to remain calm and as soon as our coffee came up we would go check his car.

I am very level-headed when the crisis doesn't involve myself (unlike last weekend, when I had to tear apart my house because I couldn't find my wallet).

We talked and drank our coffee for quite sometime. He's a senior administrator for a local college, very interested in international education and preparing students for globalization. He'll be going to China in April (I think), so I told him about my experiences working there.

After coffee, he drove us down to the Mall and we walked around the Lincoln Memorial for awhile. He's very big into fitness, has run a half-marathon or two. And has also run a duathalon. He's a fast walker. *whew*

It started to get colder, so we went to Cafe Asia in Arlington (Rosslyn? Somewhere. Over there. Across the bridge). His food was delicious. Mine bordered between ordinary and *meh*. He doesn't eat red meat and used to be a vegetarian, so he's veg-friendly. Which is always a plus.

After dinner, he drove me home. The date ended with a hug. And he kissed me on the cheek. Which was kind of sweet.

All in all, a very good date. We seem to have a lot in common. Potential problems? He's older (47), which in itself doesn't have to be a problem, but it could be. I don't know. Also, he's a fairly devout Catholic. And, well, as you probably know, I'm not very religious at all.


  1. I am glad that you had a nice time. On first glance, it seems like the two of you would have things in common.

    Age does not matter in my book.

    The religion thing would only be a problem if he accepted the Church's stance on homosexuality. You don't want to date somebody who cries after sex -- trust me. Unless, of course, they are tears of joy.

    Otherwise, I think it sounds good. Remember, slow and stead wins the race.

  2. slow and steadY -- steady.

  3. I think it sounds like a wonderful first date, quite the interesting guy. I hope things work out and you see him again.


  4. Well, I think you will find out when you "make love" with this guy and see how he behaves after. If he immediately goes into the bathroom and take a shower, it ain't good...

    Catholics are not too bad :-) Anyway, it sounds like a good non-overwhelming date. I hope you had a good time!

  5. Crying during sex is even more disturbing, don't forget crying DURING sex!

    Two of my close friends are Catholics, and you can hardly even tell!

    Sounds like it was a sweet date. Have another one with this guy!

  6. Sounds like at least you had a good date.

    I met a very nice guy last week. Both Nehal and I had a crush on him (we are not his type and he is taken anyway). But it seems that there is a community of interesting gay men in TO. Perhaps if all fails you can move and freeze with the rest of us here.

  7. Age difference isn't really a big thing so long as you're past the formative years and you have a handle on your own life.

    The Catholic thing--well, you'll just have to find out how he interacts with his faith. So long as he doesn't have a major guilt complex going, you're probably okay.

  8. i don't know about the catholic part, but so long as he doesn't demand that you convert then it should be no problem. as to the age difference, meh. what's a number? he's old enough to know what he'd like from a relationship, he's old enough to have worked out most of this issues (if he had any but being catholic, there are bound to be some) and he's cute, athletic, healthy and veg friendly.

    if the two of you are interested in each other, then go with the flow and see where things go.