Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Tax Man Cometh

An important tax advisory, for you, my nearest and dearest kittens:

Did you know that if you make less that $52K Adjusted Gross Income (AGI), you can e-file for FREE? YES! FREE, KITTENS!

No, not free kittens:

Follow the links on the IRS webpage. Do it. It's FREE.

Be careful though, because the companies will try to get you to pay for something, like filing state taxes or loan shark-esque "rapid refund" programs. Don't do those. Do the FREE stuff. FREE.

I am getting back a rather healthy refund. YAY. It will pay for my laptop, allow me to put a chunk into savings, and maybe even pay to get some art I bought framed. *woot*

I have also answered all but one of my email responses and paid my co-op fee. I have been Mr. Productive! Love me! Worship me!

Give me free booze.

Oh. Get this. I was reviewing my budget for the month of February (which is one of the handy things about keeping a budget: I get to see where I am spending my money), and I only went to Halo once this month. What up with that?

Where have I been drinking?

Oh. Right. At home. Alone.

Whatever. I'm saving money and on track to finishing significantly under-budget for this month. [No comments about it being a short month].


  1. Bob TuYu1:55 PM


    May I have a Free kitten?

    Bob / Houston

  2. Yeap. I knew dat. :)

    I never have to pay to file.(because I am poor)

    What's it like to make over $52K a year anyway?

  3. when was the infamous brunch? was that in feb? if so then you more than made up for not drinking at halo at beacon grill. and what about that awful tapatinis affair? feb? wasn't there a party at someone's house too? yours? busy busy!

  4. I never have to pay to file. Because my dad's a CPA! Bwahaha! About the only thing my family is good for, but better that than nothing.