Monday, February 05, 2007

Are Cherokees Hairy?

I've been trying to make the most of my workday by knitting (some), reading (some), and brain-storming on my short story.

I'm on the second reading of my classmate's story and she has a line about how the main character (female) has a hairy face and thinning hair, which the main character blames on being part Cherokee. Not that I know many people with Native American ancestry, but I always thought that Native Americans tended to be not-so-hairy. Maybe I'm wrong. Does anyone know?

In other news, this guy on the phone was totally Mr. Flirty McFlirterson. I answered his questions. Then, every time I was about to end the call he'd ask another question.

Me: Thank you for calling.
Him: Uh. So how's the weather in DC?
Me: It's chilly.
Him: It's close to 80 here in LA.
Me: It's around 20. Have a nice ...
Him: I miss cold weather.
Me: Anytime you want to switch places, let me know.

And on and on and on ... until I could get him off the phone. *sheesh*
I mean, I'm bored at work, but I don't start inane conversations with everyone I talk to.
Maybe I should though. It might help pass the time.



  1. flirty or bored at work?

  2. Sorry -- I'll try not to call there anymore -- It's just that I get so lonely...

  3. maybe he was lonely...i hear that can be a problem in big city, usa.

    so far as i can remember most native americans, aboriginal people, tend to be on the not very hairy side. sparce beards, not much if any chest hair, that sort of thing. as for down lower, i can't testify one way or the other.

  4. As part Ojibway, I can tell you that First Nations men are not hairy. In fact, the opposite is true. I have no chest hair and this is natural ... I have never shaved it. The rest of me is not hairy either. However, again like most men of Native Indian ancestry, the hair on my head is very thick and abundant. As soon as it reaches a certain length, it looks and feels like a brush sticking straight up on end. I've never seen a bald Native man, either.