Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wow. My Forehead Sure is Sparkly

The Most Marvelicious Mush warholized me. Isn't she sweet? Yay for fun Flickr toys.

And here's a shocker (and, no, not this kind): The class liked my story! Yay! They liked me. They really, really liked me. Lots of nice things were said. And they also honed in on the areas in the story where I had concerns. Which could possibly mean I have good instincts as to when my writing truly does sucketh (kind of like now).

The teacher/instructor/workshop leader made some good points, so I look forward to reading his written comments next week. YAY.

I managed to catch the 10:04 bus to Silver Spring (*woot*), but forgot to request a transfer. The weather was mild, so I didn't mind walking home, slip-sliding on a few icy patches. I spoke briefly to Robert, who is heading to SF for the weekend (for his BIRTHDAY!), and, then, I called pab.

I got home around 11, and the hopes that the long walk home would have helped to settle my brain were dashed. I still didn't fall asleep until after midnight. Different plot points and ideas swirled in my head. I need to figure out a way to wind down more quickly after class, so I can get some rest.
Tonight is Laundry Night. *woot*

And my upstairs neighbor has invited me to her apartment for a little knitting get-together. FUN! I can work on my knittens. YAY!



  1. A class that keeps your mind engaged for hours afterwards must be a good one. Yay for the positive feedback about your story!

  2. I am glad they liked your story.

  3. Man, I miss creative writing class. Group feedback really gets the ol' gears turning.