Monday, February 26, 2007

There and Back Again

Before I get into my weekend adventures and insecurities, a few tidbits:

It snowed. See photo.
I finished my knittens. Photo forthcoming (hopefully).
I have apparently been banned for life from Scott-o-Rama. *sniff*

So, the weekend ...

pab picked me up from Union Station a little after 10AM. He was late. This did not make me happy. He bought me coffee, so I became happier.

We got to the hotel (Hilton Garden) in Williamsburg around 1PM. We checked in. We got settled. We had sex. It was ... ok. I mean, I suppose that I was expecting something a little more toe-curlingly amazing, considering that he only ever has oral sex. You would think that someone who "specialized," so to speak, would be, well, friggin' fantastic. Perhaps, my expectations were set too high. I mean, it wasn't bad. It just wasn't ... well, I guess it wasn't Mike, who as we know gives the best blowjobs ever. And, I was expecting something at or above the Level of Mike. *sigh*

We cleaned up and then explored Historic Williamsburg. It was cute. The best part was finding the little bakery that makes the super-yummy gingerbread "cakes" [more like thick soft gingerbready cookies, actually]. I bought a dozen (mmmm) and we had coffee - which was equally delicious. It tasted like it had cardamom or something in it. YUM.

We wandered. We went into stores. pab decided he wanted to buy a box to keep his vitamins in. We went on a Vitamin-keeping-in-box Hunt. He eventually found something he liked. I thought nearly $30 for a little wooden box was a bit on the pricy side, but whatever makes one happy, right?

We went back to the hotel and watched a movie (Star Wars). Later we went to dinner at a Greek restaurant. Tres Yum. For dessert, I had the baklava sundae - baklava, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce ... Mmmmmmmm. I felt super bloated.

Back at the hotel, I pretty much went straight to bed. Yes, I'm fun. I'm sure pab wanted to fool around some more, but I wasn't feeling it. Or maybe he didn't. I'm not sure what the current philosophy is about having teh sex before a big athletic event.

pab snores. a lot. loudly.

Sunday morning, pab went to have breakfast. "Do you want anything," he asked.
"Just coffee, thanks," I responded.
When he returned he said, "I brought you your coffee ... and some yogurt, a banana, and cereal."
Which made me wonder, "What part of 'just coffee' did he not understand?"

pab has this 'quirk' in which he likes to ask me what I want, but then goes ahead and does what he wants anyway. *eh*

Around noon:thirty, we checked out of the hotel and went to the half-marathon. It was pissing it down rain, with sleet sometimes mixed in. Inside, I was very happy that I am not a runner. None of the runnerpeople looked very happy.

The race started around one. I went back to the car to knit. Luckily, we parked in a spot near the end of the race so I could cheer pab on as he ran to the finish. Yay me. See? Supportive. That's what I am.

During the 2 hour wait, I called Mike and Darryl and Tomoko. Based on the weather in DC [SNOW! kittens!], we decided to cancel the Oscar party. So, I did not get to see Judi Dench and Pan's Labyrinth ROBBED! of their Oscars. GAH. OK. PL did win 2 or 3, but not for Best Foreign Language Film. Grrr.

After the race, we stopped off for a late lunch/ early dinner at IHOP, because the thought of pancakes is what kept pab running those last couple of miles. Back when I was training for the marathon, it was always the thought of cheese grits.

Then, we drove back to DC. I got home around 7:30. I watched a movie. Finished the knittens. And went to bed. Fun times. Fun times.
Mid-Morning Update: Some words to live by from the WaPo's Fashionista, Robin Givhan:
I had a splendid time at the store. I will not tell you how much I spent. My father might read this posting and he would be appalled. I can hear him now, "Honey, are you saving for a rainy day?" No, but I'll look really chic in the downpour.


  1. Does Mike give lessons?

    When the baklava sundae is better than the sex ... Hmmmm.

    I LOVE gingerbread!

  2. that baklava sundae DOES sound just.incredible...omg!!

    I have zero tolerance for snoring, unless I am in love, then well everything they do is adorable.

    from the sounds of things, I think he is trying to fatten you up!

    In any case this doesn't seem to be going in a positive direction (at least from your perspective). Of course you could be subconsciously sabotaging it, for other reasons. I know given your first paragraph I would probably do the same thing. Oral ehk.... :(

  3. It doesn't sound like the most fantastic weekend ever but I hope you enjoyed some of it :-) By the way, when I looked at that Japanese girl on the Academy red carpet thingy, I thought I became straight...She is foxy :-)

    Anyway, I am glad you are back in DC safe and sound. Have a fantabulous week

  4. First-time sex can be awkward -- but, it sounds like you just aren't that into PAB.

    Bad sex, though, is still better than no sex. I am just sayin'.

  5. The sad truth about oral sex is that some people just never seem to become competent at it no matter how much experience they have. I suppose that goes for sex generally, but somehow especially for oral sex.

    And I hear you on the letdown in the sex department. *sigh*

  6. ya know, sex is kindof a two way street. just saying. no judgement. just channeling ray. that's all.

  7. Okay, so he was mediocre in bed, but how were YOU? That is, after all, what counts. ;-)