Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Behold, What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks?

Yonder. *heh*

If I hear or read one person saying/writing that the recent cold snap is proof that climate change is not occurring, I may have to pound their face into the dirt with my copy of The Weather-Makers. It's a hard cover. It would hurt.

Not that anyone has ... yet.

It is cold. I am cold. My face durn-near froze off on the walk to work. I briefly considered taking the bus, but it was crowded. And I really hate standing. Especially while loaded down with my laptop (I'm hoping to get some of my short story written today) and a travel mug filled to the rim with Brim (ha! Actually, it's filled to the rim with my favorite, Quartermaine's House Blend. YUM).

I did an initial run through of my taxes last night, and I was ... um ... disappointed to say the least. My refund is not as big as I was lead to believe it should be. And, my federal refund was only a couple hundred dollars more than my state refund. I don't understand how that can be.

Yo! George! Where is my friggin' tax cut? Hmmm?

Still, my refund is more than I usually get, but I was hoping to have enough to pay for my laptop, put some aside in savings, and turn my spare room into a study. I will probably only have enough for the first two items on that list.

Time to start seriously budgeting, saving for the study, and changing my birthday vacation plans. *sigh*

Maybe I'll take the bus to NYC or somewhere for a few days ... that should be cheaper than flying to visit my cousin in Ann Arbor. I think ...

Oh, and even though my Meat-Free Monday meal consisted of leftover soup, here's a picture of my Winter Vegetable Chowder (aka Crack Soup):

Winter vegetable chowder

[I used carrots and butternut squash as my Winter Vegetables, btw]

*Stay Warm, Kittens smooches*


  1. Are those marshmallows floating on your soup? Interesting.

    Sex and alcohol are known body-warmers. Just saying.

  2. ooo ooo ooo!

    i'll be the first commenter to say: "the recent cold snap, you know, is PROOF that climate change is NOT occurring." i'll also add: "silly scientists, silly vuboq!"

  3. cooper: They are potatoes, silly. *smack* As for the sex/alcohol, it would seem I only have opportunities for booze lately.

    fullofhype: *SMACK!*

  4. It's hot here. Too damn hot. 30 by 7am with about 80% humidity. I'm at my driest while in the fucking shower...