Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I am the Alpha and Omega.

pab picked me up at Union Station around 6:15 last night. We had dinner at a little Mexican place, which -as a friend said to me- looked liked a Mexican flea market inside. The food was quite yummy. I had cheese enchiladas. Mmmm. I do so love enchiladas.

After dinner, I was stuffed like a pig at Christmas, so we drove over to the Jefferson Memorial for a bit of a walk, and then pab drove me home. On the way home, it started to rain. We made out for a bit in the car, and I went inside.

A few minutes later he called ... to ask if I wanted to go to Williamsburg this weekend with him. I said yes, with the qualifier that we must get back in time to see the Oscars. Good lord, I am so gay. He's running a half-marathon there on Sunday afternoon. We will leave on Saturday morning so that we can do some sight-seeing and stuff. Then, I guess soon after the half-marathon we will head back. It should be fun. I haven't been to Williamsburg since I was in college. I can already taste the homemade gingerbread. Mmm. Gingerbread.

In other news, I have class tonight. I am reading my short story. Y'know, the one without a hook and that doesn't make use of short, snappy sentences. Also, the one that pretty much uses every stylistic convention that my classmates have said they dislike. And, yes, I did that on purpose. Is that so wrong? Why am I feeling so antagonistic about it? Maybe I want to prove (at least to myself) that, like the workshop leader says, there really are no rules for short story writing. Or maybe I'm simply cranky.

I need to finish critiquing two stories as well. I'm struggling for positive things to say about one of the stories, the one written by the Crazy Lady. *sigh*

Oh, and thanks to the wonderful Ms. Chelsea, who provided a photo on her blog which has given me an idea for the start of a new story. See if you can guess which photo it is.

I guess that's about it for now.
Happy Wednesday, Kittens.



  1. I prefer the FDR memorial.

    So, it doesn't sound as bleak as your last post on PAB suggested. Making out? Driving in the rain? Going to Williamsburg? All sound like relationship building activities to me.

  2. gayprof: Yes. It would appear that I am in the schizophrenic stage of the "relationship."

  3. Hey, I want to know!

  4. PAB just wants to make sure you like him before he moves away. That's how they do it.

    YOU GO with your cranky writing attitude. You know how to write; so write. Break the rules. Do it your way!

  5. I can't decide if it's the Poultry Science picture (for a funny story), or the flag-draped casket (for a sad or serious story). Dammit!

  6. It sounds it could have the makings of an historical weekend ... ;)

    Dinner out: lovely.
    Cheese enchiladas: yummy.
    Making out in the rain: priceless.