Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Inshou ni Nokoru Kisetsu

One of my favorite Japanese pop songs is sung by Saito Kazuyoshi. I heard him sing it live in concert once. It nearly made me cry. His voice reminds me of Rufus Wainwright, only not nearly as whiney.

You can listen to a sample of Enshou ni Nokoru Kisetsu on his website. Click here. Then, click on the 7th song down. [If that doesn't work, try clicking here. Then, click on his 5th album. Then, click on the 7th song.]

Inshou ni nokoru kisetsu ha,
Naze ga itsumo fuyu.

Which is badly translated (by me) to mean "Even though the seasons change, why is it always Winter?"

Which is kinda how I am feeling today. After finishing up my taxes last night, watching a movie, and knitting for awhile, I started reading some of my blog archives just to see what I was doing one year ago.

Apparently, I was having a lot of sex with John.

And reading about the fun times we had (and also some of my frustrations) made me a little sad. So, I went to bed.

Where I dreamed of Kimura Takuya. *yum*


  1. Sorry that you are feeling down. Would prostitution help?

  2. I'm depressed too. *sigh*

  3. gayprof: Hm. Maybe. How much?

    the persian: *hugs*

  4. How much is that tax refund?