Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Update: Where's My Forking Hour Edition?

Ah. Daylight Savings Time. How I love it. (*cough* *hack*) I thought that, since I spent most of yesterday overhung and in bed (or on sofa), the missed hour wouldn't be missed this morning.

Boy. Was I wrong?

Bah. DST can suck it. Princess.

Friday night, I watched Music and Lyrics. VUBOQ *hearts* Drew Barrymore. Cute movie. Got sort of long though.

Saturday, I did lots of work on the Never-Ending Cardigan of Doom. See:

Since I took this picture, I have seamed the raglan edges and the side seams. I still have to seam the sleeves and pockets. Then, I have to pick up stitches around the neckline to knit the hood. Then, I have to pick up stitches on the pockets to knit their ribbed edges. Then, I have to pick up stitches around the front sides and hood to knit more ribbed edges. Then, I have to teach myself to crochet so I can crochet the button loops. Then, I have to buy buttons and sew them on and I'm done! [Estimated date of finishing: September 2008].

Later, Tomokito came down for pre-party martinis. Around 8-ish, we left for Mike's party, which was too much fun. I met lots of cute boys (and one super-hot muscle daddy. mmm). I may or may not have flirted shamelessly with all of them. Apparently, I got a little durnk (which would explain the all day Sunday hangover).

Y drove me and Tomoko home. Somehow I made it into bed. Y crashed on the sofa. Sunday was very unpleasant. Around 3, we went up to Panera for food. I started to feel better after I ate. Once Y dropped me off at home, I put in a DVD and went to bed early (10:30).

I have pottery class tonight. Yay. I should be getting some finished works back (yay!). Tomorrow I have taken the day off to go to a job fair at EPA. I must remember to print out some resumes.


  1. That cardigan of doom is looking pretty good. Crochetting is easier than knitting. I predict you'll have no problem with the button loops.

    Sounds like a potentially fun party at Mike's. Especially the cute boy factor. That's a lot of booze to drink, to not remember who you flirted with. Glad you got home safely.

  2. DST is just a terrible idea. I want to see real proof that it actually does anything for energy conservation.

  3. I second Java on the whole crochet thing. Crochet is easy... knitting takes waaaay too much coordiation for poor me, which is why I stick to hooking. *grin*

    I also second gayprof on the whole DST thing... and besides, my customers are supposed to report their data in standard time anyhow... (I think Arizona got it right... no DST!)

  4. Y puts up with your flirting? Sounds like a keeper to me.