Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Having a Mild Panic Attack

[Edited to Note: An ExtraSpecial Hello and *smooches* to the 40 Thousand Billion people clicking over from BOSSY! Take a seat. Stay for awhile. I'm usually not this boring. Ha! Who am I kidding? I'm always this boring ... Enjoy!]

1 task done. 8 GABILLION MORE TO GO!!!!

And to start this post off with a bang, here's the question I submitted to my manager this morning for the weekly report:

Q: What species of animal should be used for oral/dermal pharmacokinetics testing?

A: According to 40 CFR 795.228(c)(1)(i), the rat shall be used for pharmacokinetics testing because it has been used extensively for metabolic and toxicological studies. For dermal bioavailability studies, the rat and the mini-pig* shall be used.


What else do I have to do today?


~Make Y's birthday card! Finish wrapping his present!
~Prepare for my SuperExciting Interview tomorrow!

This morning, I found my suit (!), and I did a practice hair run this morning. Please tell me my hair looks cute:

~Race home for lunch to meet the Very Special Houseguest and help her settle in!
~Get directions to the Continental for the Very Special Houseguest's Happy Hour**!
~Make Vuboq Confidence Infusion so I ooze charm (but not in a smarmy way) at the VSHHH (and at the SuperExciting Interview)!
~Did I mention preparing for the SuperExciting Interview? It's tomorrow!!! ACK!!! *panic*

Other than that ... I'm just fine.

Pottery class was productive. I threw 2 interestingly shaped mugs and a twisty vaselike thing. Fun times.

I think I'll go vomit now.

*For some reason, "mini-pig" cracks me up
**I'm also looking forward to Anti-Social Alcohol-Free April


  1. Good luck on your superexciting interview!

    Angie (from www.AllAdither.com)

  2. Very cute. Good luck with the interview 2mrw. I once had a twisty vaselike thing. It was destroyed in an earthquake. I miss it. Looking forward to seeing yours.

  3. Hello, vuboq. I clicked on Bossy's link to your blog so I could see where she'll be staying tonight. And it looks like I found a new favorite blog to stalk! You're a funny gay, I mean guy. I mean gay guy.

    Bossy will be staying with me on April 9th. Can't wait! And I look forward to reading about her visit with you.

  4. Super cute hair! Have fun!

  5. Please don't destroy Bossy too bad tonite... I dont need a tragic mess at my house tomorrow... let me make her the tragic mess for her Atlanta trip...hehehe

  6. Hi vuboq, haven't said hi in a while. Great hair. Good luck with your interview. Goeasy on your kidney-liver thingy. And have a great time with Miss Bossy!

    -- Laurie

  7. Good luck on your interview! We are waiting for you to buy us new windows! Hire VUBOQ, hire VUBOQ, hire VUBOQ......

  8. Okay, but what IS a mini-pig?

  9. 1. as my 7-year old nephew advises:
    "deep breaths! deep breaths!"
    2. mini-pig FTW! -or- mini-pig WTF!

  10. I am jealous you meeted BOSSY.