Monday, March 31, 2008

Alcohol-Free April Eve

Tonight will be my last opportunity to partake of the fabulous fermented beverages I do so love for an entire month. March was an exercise in Bacchanalian frivolity, and my liver could use the break.

Some of you may doubt my resolve, but let me remind you of International Liver Resting Week 2007, in which VUBOQ did not drink for an entire week!

Not convinced?

Although I can not provide a link as this happened during my Diary-X days, after my 35th Birthday Party and resulting 2-day hangover and mysterious gaping wound between my eyebrows, VUBOQ gave up the booze for six months.



Is that not the epitome of resolve and determination?

[And if you doubt the veracity of the above, please contact Tomokito. She witnessed the whole sordid affair.]

One month should be a piece of cake.

I, of course, am willing to accept Alcohol-Free April Partners, if anyone should so desire to join me in the detoxification process. I (We?) will be eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies and drinking lots of juices and water and exercising regularly (running 3x a week, weather-permitting) and, most importantly, not drinking the martinis. Nor the vodka collinses. Nor the margaritas. Nor the manhattans. Nor the bourbons (neither neat nor on the rocks). Nor the negronis. Nor the wines. Nor the beers. Nor the anything elses ...

Are you with me or against me?


  1. My joining an alcohol-free April would be an exercise in redundancy. I usually average about four alcoholic drinks a month. But if you need company, you can pretend I've signed on.

  2. Wine doesn't count because it's good for you. I could probably stop hard liquor for a month but not wine, this is blasphemy!
    Good luck to you anyway.

  3. I am tempted to join you. My liver could also use a rest...

  4. Anonymous11:48 AM

    I'm currently at work feeling slightly hungover, so your proposal sounds tempting. A whole month sounds impossible, but I could possibly do a week.

  5. I'm a bit skeptical of any period of abstinence that begins on April Fools Day, but in the spirit of solidarity, I'm willing to entirely forgo drinking at the office for all of April except the fifteenth, when imbibing is inescapable.

  6. I remember you were drinking water or something while we were drinking gallons of margaritas at the same table....I'm not as determined as you are. I have been doing 2-3 liver rest days per week.

  7. I shall endeavor to, at the end of April, have totaled more non-drinking days than drinking days.

    I'm pretty sure I can pull it off, too.

  8. Witness #2! I remember the six months of no drinking!

  9. Although it isn't nearly the leap of resolve and determination that you are exercising, I will pledge to be alcohol free in April. I don't imbibe as often as you have been, and the medications I take warn me against all alcohol consumption (not that I always pay attention). However, I will happily join you for Alcohol-Free April.

  10. OMG! I don't know if I could stand it that long!! All the other (veggies, juices, running) I can do! :o))))

    P.S. Bossy is here tonight! I'll post pictures tomorrow!

  11. I decided to join you unknowingly...woo hoo! It helps that I've got a date or two lined up with women who don't drink...

  12. i'd join you but since the last time i had a drink was december 27 , 2007, it wouldn't be much of a challenge.

  13. oops...that should be 2006

  14. Oh man, I remember the mysterious gaping wound!

    I am--surprisingly and reluctantly--joining you on the no-booze month. I've decided that the stress and booze were too much, and since I can't cut back on the stress, well, I at least have to cut back on the less than healthy coping mechanisms...