Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bits. Bobs.

The phone interview didn't happen because the recruiter was sick.
Because I was waiting around for her to return my call, I missed the job fair.
Her receptionist called around 2:30 to say she would call me this morning.
The job fair ended at 4. No way I could get there on time. Alas.


I did get lots of cleaning done. Although I noticed when I'm stress cleaning, I clean weird things. Exhibit A: At 10:40PM, I was washing the tops of the doors and door frames. I also cleaned the top of my refrigerator (which only people over 5'11" can actually see).

I spent about 1/2 my monthly food budget yesterday ordering from Peapod (Giant Groceries on-line delivery service).

Today, I will be doing laundry and organizing my bedroom into something not-quite-so chaotic.

And, OMG, it is totally shedding season. Cat hair. EVERYWHERE. I brushed like 10 brushfuls of cat hair of the PsychoKitty yesterday. TEN! If you're coming to my house at some point in the next week or so and are allergic, take your meds, kittens.

Oh, and I have to buy some wine. And maybe more vodka. And I need to pick up things from the Whole Foods.

12 of 12 photos coming later today. Stay tuned.

Lastly, to Only Me, the mug you liked is Y's birthday present. Sorry.


  1. Do they have cotton candy at job fairs? I like cotton candy. And rides? What about rides? I like the Zipper most, but I also like the Ferris Wheel (Double Ferris Wheels beat Zippers, but they're hard to come by) and the one that has eight arms with four cars per arm and they spin around as the arms turn and go up and down - it's usually arachno- or octopus-themed.

    I worked at a job fair once (I was a kind of a barker), but it wasn't fun.