Monday, March 31, 2008

My Brain Has Turned Off


The recruiter emailed that she has found another candidate for the organization to interview. This is good in that the process can move along quickly. This is bad in that it has raised all sorts of self-doubt. Like, what if they like that person better? What if that person is more qualified? Or gives better interview? I know ... It's hard to imagine, but it could happen. I should find out Friday (or next Monday) what will happen next. stressful.

Not much else going on.
Pottery class tonight.
Alcohol-free April starts tomorrow.

More later. *smooches*


  1. Well, I suppose it was nice of the recruiter to inform you of this. Better to know than to wonder? Maybe?
    Really, I have no way of knowing what will happen with any of the candidates for this position, BUT dear VUBOQ, I think, for the record, that no one could compete with you and your stellar qualifications and dazzling interview skilz. Truly.

  2. Oh, honey, who could possibly outdo you on both specific qualifications *and* general fabulosity?