Wednesday, March 12, 2008

God of the Interview

Quoth the recruiter, "it's a match made in heaven."

In-person interview will be either 3/17 (Happy Birthday) or 3/20!


  1. That's great! Good luck for the in-person interview

  2. Was this before or after the photographed lunch sex?

    Good Luck! Birthday/St. Patrick's Day seems like a positive omen for a job interview.

  3. Is the match made in heaven referring to the previous 'buttsecks for lunch' post?

    It sounds like Vuboq is NOT unqualified for EVERY job out there.

    What a birthday present that would be! Good luck!

  4. I wish you much luck, with the caveat that you send some of it my way when you are done. I've had nothing but disappointment from fabulous job interviews that went nowhere.

  5. Major w00t!! Congratulations and best of luck on the next interview phase.