Monday, March 03, 2008


I went home for lunch. Look flowers! In front of my house. Pretty pretty Spring-like flowers. Blooming. Now. In front of my house. It be Spring! It is warm! There is sunshine and light and happiness and *w00t!*

I think these could be crocuses (croci?) or something. There are also tulips and daffodils coming up. Everything's coming up sunshine and daffodils!

As a special treat, here is a picture of the Parsley That Will Not Die:

If some of you remember, a long long time ago, my parents gave me a Chia Herb Garden (it might have been two Christmases ago?). I planted the parsley in the Fall. So far, it has survived 2 snowfalls and one ice storm. Does anyone know what kills parsley?


  1. Why do you have an anti-parsley agenda?

  2. 'Tis a lovely day!

    The parsley is lovely as well. You should let it stay.

  3. The first are indeed croci, and very purty.

    Parsley is a biennial, which means that it typically survives for two years and then blooms and dies. It's also pretty resistant to freezing.

  4. Yeah, rub it in and your spring and your crocuses and your never-ending parsley!

  5. Too much garlic in the pesto.

    Spring? Don't you jinx us, we're not out of the woods yet.

  6. I thought crocuses appeared in the fall??? Maybe it's like that only in Europe.
    Anyway, to kill parsley, I recommend bleach.

  7. Dry the parsley and send it to me!

  8. Tabouli kills parsley quite nicely too. Let's make some!