Thursday, March 27, 2008

Good News Bad Not-Quite-So Good News

The recruiter called.
They LOVED me.
I'm a perfect fit.
Not only because of my knowledge and skills, but also my winning personality.


BUT ... before we break out the champagne ...

I'm the first only candidate they've interviewed, so, in order to give due diligence to the process, they want to wait a few weeks to see if anyone else qualified will apply.

My second interview will not be for another 2-3 weeks. GAH!

The recruiter, of course, was all let me know if there are any changes in your circumstances during that time. I am assuming she means if I get any other job offers. We shall see ...

My dear kittens, I hope your fingers don't cramp up from keeping them crossed all this time.


  1. New to your blog,,,,,skipped over from Bossy's.
    Congrats on the Job !!

  2. Srsly, can anyone be more fab and awesome for the job? C'mon now, you know better than that.

  3. Congratulations and major kudos to Vuboq! Don't know what the job is, but I'm sure you knocked 'em dead, because how could you not?

  4. My fingers, like my eyes, have stuck that way.

  5. earl cootie looks scary.

    Congrats, dahling! The wait will be difficult, but we'll get through it. How 'bout you?
    Oh, I hope hope hope you get the job. It sounds promising!

  6. That's just wrong telling you how wonderful you are and then making you wait. Sons of bitches . . .

    You'll get the job : )

  7. What's not to love? But honestly, I don't see why we need to hold off on the champagne. We can buy another bottle when you get the job.

  8. Gawd I hope you get the job, hon, I really do. It'd be awesome for you!

  9. Excellent! First impressions are lasting ones, and you won 'em over, so I say have some champagne now, and some more later.

  10. I shall diligently continue to cross them. Except when knitting, of course, but then the needles will be crossed.