Thursday, March 06, 2008

Work Avoidance Mode

I spent the morning working on a cover letter, resume, and writing samples. FUN. Of course, in reading over an extended job description I found on the company's website, I discovered it is slightly different (and more involved) than the one the recruiter sent. Still, I think I'm qualified. Mostly.

Picking out writing samples is difficult, because the only writing I do for work is restricted to directing people to or directly quoting from approved EPA materials. I did find a book review I wrote a year or two ago. Plus, I may send a short section of my thesis. I figure the job people are more interested to see if I *can* write rather than the topics I write about.

ANYWAY, because of the job prep stuff, I'm a little behind on my work assignments. Hopefully, I can be efficient tomorrow and accomplish everything. Next week is going to be a total wash.

On Tuesday, I'm taking the day off to go to a job fair. For the rest of the week, I think I'm going to be stressed out about the upcoming Global Blogger Meet-Up.

I have to CLEAN the house. Buy food. And drinks! Get ready for the Vodka and Dessert Birthday Extravaganza. Finalize the GBM itinerary. Co-ordinate/ arrange airport pick-ups.*

OMG. I also have to get a plumber to fix my kitchen sink (which may not happen in time). And go to the Dump (which should happen in time).

Do I seem stressed yet?

*Speaking of which, does anyone with a car want to volunteer to drive out to Dulles on 3/14?. Thanks to my fantastic oral abilities, Y has agreed to take me to pick up those arriving at BWI. OK. He hasn't agreed yet. But he will. Trust me.


  1. Good luck with the job!

  2. Good luck! I hope your full name isn't on this website anywhere - I'd hate for the prospective employer to google you and find a post on "work avoidance mode". :-O

  3. pacalaga: My full name probably is on here somewhere, but fortunately, I've been blessed with one of the most common names in the country. Google my name and there are, like, 80 gabillion hits.

  4. Since the interwebs, I've been so thankful for my ridiculously common name as well.