Tuesday, March 04, 2008

My Eyes Glazed Over

Here's a fascinating fact that I will bet you didn't know about me:

I can juggle.

I'm not very good, but I used to practice all the time. I never tried to juggle more than three things at once. Instead, I would try to juggle different objects. Balls. Random pieces of fruit. Office supplies. Tools. Tennis rackets. Hamsters. Babies.

Ok. I'm kidding about the hamsters.

It was fun. Unfortunately, the only thing I juggle now is my schedule. And, can I tell you, March is getting pretty crazy: My Dad's 70th birthday, Mike's crazy party, my Vodka and Dessert Birthday Extravaganza, the Global Blogger Meet-Up, trying to convince people to participate in the 10% Refund Challenge/ Poor Bastages Who Owe the Tax Man, Y's 40th birthday, BOSSY's Excellent Road Trip ... AND, my job is busy for about one week every quarter. Yes. NEXT WEEK. Mix in a little job-hunting/ stress about my future and you have a recipe for a VUBOQ Melt-Down.*

All I can say right now is Thank Gawd for BOOZE. [So much so, I think I may have to declare next month to be Alcohol-free April just so I can properly detox]. Rehab is the hot new thing, right?

... I'm breathing deeply and thinking about pottery class. Last night, I glazed lots of things [1 pitcher, 2 mugs, 3 vases], so there should be some fun finished object photos coming up in the very new future. I also made *another* vase. Yay! I do *heart* pottery class very muchly. But, can you guess what everyone is getting for their birthdays this year?

OK. I need to get to work. Really. Ugh.

More later. *smooches*

*Btw, I'm not really complaining about all these things. I'm actually looking forward to them. Well, I'm not looking forward to work being busy-ish. But, other than that, bring it on, kittens!

It's been broughten.


  1. Hey, how much would you charge me to make me a vase to (approximate) specifications? (I mean later, when you're not so busy.)

  2. Pack of lager: You're gonna inspire him into a new career! Go girl!

  3. Oooh -- If you are taking requests for pottery, I would be interested too.

  4. Your job is busy ONE week a year? Mine is quiet one week a year.

  5. I think you've forgotten to mention one major March event ... YOUR birthday!