Thursday, March 13, 2008


I'm *almost* done with my shopping for the weekend. Can we talk about how full my fridge is right now [See the final 12 of 12 photo in the previous entry]? I have a few last minute things to pick up at Whole Foods [raspberry sorbet, bread, 2-bite cupcakes, rice]. I want to make a fun ice ring for the punch, but I need a bundt pan or something ...

I'll be picking up some extra bedding and another air mattress from the Most Rockingest Neighbors EVER (!) tonight.

I'll also be cleaning the bathroom, spare room, and my bedroom. Plus, I'm moving the Kitty Litter Box into my bedroom, so the guests can use that closet [Aren't I the greatest host ever?].

All the out-towners now have confirmed rides from the airport to my place [Thanks Sassy and Clio!]. Y bailed on driving me to BWI because he has a major deadline this Friday at Midnight. Plus, his mother is coming to visit from Israel (I think she arrives on Friday as well). Luckily, Clio stepped up to the plate! YAY!

My parents (bless them) have deposited some birthday money into my checking account to help pay for weekend party groceries and for a new dining nook table. I want to buy a cute Pub Table and Stool set ... eventually.

I guess that's about it for now. I need to take a few moments to step back to see what I've forgotten to do and/or buy. Maybe when I get home.

I emailed the bloggers attending the GBM a tentative schedule of events. If any of you out there in Bloglandia want to join, here it is:

Friday (3/14): Out-of-Towners arrive. Casual Wine/Pizza/Movies at Casa de Esteban
Saturday (3/15): [No daytime plans yet], Dinner at Mandalay, followed by Vodka and Dessert Birthday Extravaganza at Casa de Esteban (8PM start time)
Sunday (3/16): Sunday Afternoon Margaritas at Cleveland Park Alero (on the patio if weather permits), followed by either a stroll throught the National Zoo or hanging out in Dupont Circle, followed by Cobalt.
Monday (the Best Day of the Year): Sight-seeing in DC, followed by late lunch/early dinner at Jaleo, followed by a drink or two at an Irish Pub (tentative), followed by Veggie Chili Party at Casa de Esteban.

Hyphenated Non-IDentity leaves on Monday morning. Goblinbox leaves on Tuesday morning. Only Me and Two Cents are here for the remainder of the week. I'm taking the Best Day of the Year through Wednesday off and working until 12:30 on Thursday and Friday. So there will be ample opportunity to hang out (if you want).

I am *so* looking forward to the weekend of craziness ...

More later (perhaps). *smooches*


  1. Y is Israeli? No wonder he's so hot.

    I so wish I could have been part of this. You have to do this again some time.

  2. I am jealous of all this.

  3. I am so excited I could freaking pop, but I still have the rest of a work day PLUS tonight PLUS a whole day of travel before I get there!

  4. I am *so* jealous! See what trying to be financially responsible gets me. If I'd known Michael was going to be spending freakin' $3K on that dumb trike, you can bet your ass I'd be there this weekend!

    *cries bitter tears*

    Take lots of pictures!

  5. Hey vuboq,

    If you are still looking for a bundt pan to make your ice, I have one you can borrow and will be home 2nite.

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