Friday, March 28, 2008

The End of the World Month Approacheth

And, lo, there came from on high a call, which pierced the air with it's high-pitched screech.

Yeah. That was me. After a very frustrating call with Y. GAH! This is a reconstruction of the conversation:

V: So what kind of food do you want for your party on Saturday?
Y: I don't care.
V: Maybe a little hint?
Y: I have eggrolls in the freezer. They have chicken in them.
V: Um. OK. Anything else?
Y: I just want people to be happy.
V: Do you think they will be happy with only frozen chicken eggrolls?
Y: I don't know.
V: Do you want the food to focus around a specific theme? Like middle eastern or asian? We can get hummus and babaganouj and pita and, maybe, some spanakopita.
Y: I guess we could. I don't know. Seems like I always have those things at parties.
V: OK. You want something different. What?
Y: I don't care if it has a theme. My only thing is that the guests are happy.
V: The guests won't be happy if you don't decide on what food you want.

[continue the conversation along those line for about 10 more minutes, and, then ...]

V: I really can't talk about this anymore. You think about what you want. I'm going to brainstorm some ideas. Then, I will call you back later tonight and we can discuss which of those options you like best. Bye.


Y: I looked on-line and March 25th is Greek Independence Day.
V: Ok. Do you want to do Greek food?
Y: It's also Belarusian Freedom Day [or something like that].
V: I don't know anything about Belarusian food, or Slavic food in general. Except Borscht. I don't think that will go well with chocolate birthday cake.

Blah blah blah blah blah...

This is one of the things I find most frustrating about Y. He doesn't care about food. He's not all that excited about entertaining. He doesn't get the whole "theme" concept. So what if the party is frozen chicken eggrolls, borscht, and chocolate cake?


Finally, we came to an agreement of sorts. There will be two food stations: Chocolate and Savory.

The Chocolate Station will have chocolate cake (made by Mike); chocolate tofu pie (made by me); M&Ms; chocolate chip cookies (made by me); and chocolate covered strawberries, pretzels, nuts, etc.

The Savory Station will have (perhaps) mini quiches, egg rolls (enough with the egg rolls already!), spanakopita, maybe an assortment of cheeses and dips.

There will also be lots of vodka. Vodka makes everyone happy.

Today, I will be making shopping lists so that we can have a quick and easy time in the grocery stores. If there's one (more) thing that drives me nuts, it is a disorganized shopping trip. Srsly, I can't stand it when people aimlessly wander the aisles randomly picking up things and endlessly debating if they want to buy them or not.

I'm all "This is the list. This is what I'm buying. Then, I'm leaving."

I hate Costco. And we are going there. *shudder*

Oh. I have also created a "Dead at 40" crossword puzzle for the party guests to work on. I hope it's not too easy...

The party is going to take up most of my weekend with the shopping tonight, the prep tomorrow, and the actual party tomorrow night. Sunday, I am going to the pottery studio. And that will be my weekend. Fun times, kittens. Fun. Times.

More later. *smooches*


  1. As you long as you serve enough vodka, nobody will notice the sad frozen eggrolls.

  2. Oh god, I used to go through the same thing with my girlfriend. And then at the last minute she'll have some weird request that I don't enjoy making and isn't even appropriate party food (like fried chicken and mashed potatoes). I just make whatever the hell I want and it always goes over well.


    This is always a hit at my parties !!

  4. Darling, that's why you and he are together. He doesn't understand this stuff. You are all about parties! You know what needs to be done. He's clueless. He needs your expertise.
    This is not a bad thing. He just isn't "gifted" with that ability. And that's OK, because you are. Fabulously so, from what I've seen. So eat, drink, and be gay!

  5. So, question. If he doesn't care, and you do, why do you even ask him? Just do what you want, because you're fabulous, and he won't notice the food anyway.
    And also: mini quiches are like crack to me. I could happily eat them all day every day for the rest of my life, and I'd have to be buried in an abandoned quarry because I would fit in no grave.

  6. "...frozen chicken eggrolls, borscht, and chocolate cake." Bwahahahaha!


    He may be annoying, but he's cute and he puts out and he's yours.

  7. To those of you who date people like me who don't care about certain things and never will:

    Do what you want, let us know just in case we actually do have an opinion about something, and then just do it. You will never get us to care. Ever. Stop trying to involve us.

  8. I got a headache just reading this! Next time just make up his mind for him.

  9. You do realize that you're trying to make being low maintenance into a bad thing, don't you? I realize that you're probably very high maintenance, so you want that to be a good thing, but most guys really just don't mind having a bf who's not very picky.