Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Will Not Hyperventilate

Good morning, Kittens!

The BOSSY Outing to the Wilds of Virginia was too much fun. It was totes excellent meeting everyone. More to come on this later ... for now, here's my flickr set: Bossy's Road Trip DC.

A piece of advice for those of you who will be meeting BOSSY (and other bloggers) in the coming weeks: It would be helpful when you introduce yourself to new people (like me!) to say your blog name along with your name [and, then, repeat it again at some point in the conversation. Yes, I'm bad with names]. OR, even better, get someone to bring nametags. Cheesy, I know, but super helpful ... I met some SuperFuntastic people last night ... If only I could remember their names (and their blogs). [Maybe they will find me and comment here today? Pleeeeze?]

But, enough about that (for now), let's talk about ME!

Like, oh.em.gee., I am approaching FULL ON FREAK OUT PANIC MODE. *deep breaths*

This interview could be a MAJOR step forward in my career and I have CRAP hair and like 15 zits. AND, when I get too nervous, I turn into a babbling incoherent idiot.

Why can't I be articulate? WHY?

I've been reading over some "typical" interview questions and practicing (in my head) responses. I don't feel properly prepared at all.

If anyone has any advice, I'd appreciate it. For example, what is your least favorite interview question and what is the best way to answer it? You have until Noon (that's when I'm leaving work to put on the SuperCute Charcoal Gray Suit Which Has Only Been Worn Like 4 Times EVER).


More this evening. *smooches*

[Updated to Note: I am suddenly concerned that I won't remember how to tie a tie. GAH!]


  1. I don't know how helpful I can be, since most of my job interviews have been of the cursory sort. But I really, really don't like the "Where do you see yourself in five years" question. Mostly because experience has shown me that where I see myself and where I actually end up are very often not the same place, and I've pretty much learned just to go with it.

  2. Oh, and good luck. I'd cross my fingers, but I hope to be asleep around noon and guarantee they'd stay that way.

  3. Anonymous9:36 AM

    Last interview I had...I was grilled. They wanted specific examples of times I had done X, achieved Y, overcome Z, etc. Mentally preparing myself for that would've helped...

  4. oops...that was NC cuzin on that last post. I'm not anonymous.

  5. via Bossy's trip blog. I just hate the question: "Where do you expect to be in 5 years?"

    Hell, just alive?

    Good luck with the interview!

  6. I always have trouble remembering bloggers "real" names. To me, you will always be VUBOQ.

    The interview will go great!

  7. My best advice is the remember to breathe. And good luck, honey!! I'm thinking of you today. I'll check back later to see how things transpired.

    Think confident thoughts. Try not to babble incoherently. I know that downfall all too well!! You ARE qualified for this job. You said it yourself last week (or the week before... I forget) Good Luck!!!!

  8. Hi! Love the first road trip pictures, thanks for sharing :) Good luck on your interview!

  9. Agh, saw this too late. Would also have said "just breath" and pretend you are interviewing them.


  10. I'm too late with this, but my dad said to me the other day to have in the back of my mind that I am GIVING these people 1/3 of my life, and how, exactly, are they deserving of such a gift? Don't know that I'll have the confidence to pull off such a thing, but I hope you do. :)

    -- Laurie

  11. Hi, I'm another linked-from-bossy reader : ) Hope it went well for you today! My last interview was terrifyingly embarrassing. They asked me "Tell us about a situation in your life when you made a mistake and how you resolved it or learned from it." And my answer involved what a terrible mother I am . . .

    I'm telling you this so you can take comfort that you couldn't have screwed up the intervew as badly as I did : )

  12. I'm glad you'll be reading this after your interview and not before when you can get all nervous. Anyways, recently an interviewer prefaced all of the questions in a friends interview with "Well, I've read your resume, applications and references so I know about those items; I'd like you to respond with information not contained in those documents." WTF!?

  13. Commenting as requested! Superfuntastic? Sweet ! I had a blast last night meeting everyone. And I was just blogging about last night myself and remembering almost no names !

  14. Hi, I'm probably a bit late with the interview question, but I HATE it when they ask for a couple of things that I suck at, or all my weaknesses.

    The whole point of an interview is to gloss over those right?! So I tell them a few things that I suck at (talking to new people) and then I balance them right out by telling them what I do about them..(I force myself into new situations to meet people, like my scuba diving course, and the new Taekwon Do class I'm taking.)

  15. i love your blog. and your suit. and probably? your hair, but i couldn't see it. and also? i love that you have a whole Bossy label for your blog. i will bring name tags for our bossy bloggy love fest.