Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Le Bleah

The recruiter is out sick. She may call me this afternoon.
I'm off to a job fair after lunch.
In the meantime, here are some pottery pix:

Winter Pitcher 1Winter Vase 1Winter Mugs 1 and 2Winter Vases 2 and 3

More later, perhaps. *smooches*


  1. You're brilliant at this, you know that, right? You really should start a line of Vuboqware. I'll place an order for 4 mugs and a jug for my collection.

  2. I'm with Cooper! Do you ever sell pieces? Because I would adore drinking my coffee out of a Vuboq original each morning!

  3. Nice pitcher. I want it.

  4. So, so pretty. I love that the winter vases on bottom are clearly different - and yet they're alike!

  5. My favorite, I think, is the first vase. I really like those stripey things near the bottom. I liked the lines when it was still green (or was it bisque then?) I really like what you've done with the glaze.

    Did the recruiter/interviewer call you today? How was the job fair?

  6. I have $ in hand. I'm seeing you in a couple of days. How much for the black and white mug? I have a light side and a dark side. It's awesome.