Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Pop Quiz

True or False:

1. VUBOQ went home for his lunch break.
2. VUBOQ went home for his lunch break so he could have hot, steamy, sweaty buttsecks.
3. VUBOQ took pictures of teh buttsecks for his 12 of 12 photo essay to be posted later today.


  1. Anonymous1:04 PM

    1. True
    2. True
    3. Oh jeebus I hope that's TRUE

  2. One can hope for #3 but those hopes will likely be dashed.

  3. What is Y's schedule these days, particularly during the typical "lunch hour" time span? Is he in class? Is he on the job? Is he studying in the library? Is he at VUBOQ's place waiting for VUBOQ to get home for lunch and/or hot, steamy, sweaty buttsecks?