Monday, March 24, 2008

My Liver Hurts

Or it could be my kidneys.

Something. In *there*. Is hurting. And, given that in the past few weeks I have consumed more alcohol than one person should consume in a year, I'm going to say that it's my liver.

Besides, I used to teach anatomy to high school students. I know where the liver is. Sort of.

Hm. Maybe it is my kidneys. Anyway ... here are a few bits and bobs:

~Now that the Global Blogger Meetup is officially over, I need to do some tidying up on the column over there -->

~Don't forget there is still time to participate in the 10% Refund Challenge (or the I Owed the Tax Man Pity Party). The drawings will be held on April 15th. Let me know if you are donating or owing.

~Pottery class starts up again today (Yay!)

~I have major cleaning and some shopping to do to prepare for a very special overnight houseguest who arrives sometime tomorrow.

~Tomorrow is also Y's big 4-0 ... but he has some school commitment. I think we will celebrate later this week ... and his party will be on Saturday.

~My interview is on Wednesday afternoon. Please send "hire VUBOQ" vibes to DC. I must remember to buy some white t-shirts today. All of mine seem to have disappeared.

I am really looking forward to being Anti-Social and Alcohol-Free in April.


  1. Good luck with the interview!

  2. "I am really looking forward to being Anti-Social and Alcohol-Free in April."

    Believe it when I see it.

  3. It's actually hard to tell what's hurting if it feels like one of your organs because our nerves aren't quite so well distributed on our insides as they are outside. But if you're not peeing blood, then I'd guess your liver also.

  4. Good luck with the interview!! I think they would love you. Like I've told you, who wouldn't really!!?

    It's prolly gas :P Teehee

  5. Why, pray tell, will you be anti-social and alcohol free in April? Did I miss something?

    Good Luck on the interview Wednesday. I hope you get that job!

  6. I'm doing the unofficial "Hire Vuboq" dance for you.

  7. Maybe it's your gallbladder.

  8. oooh sign me up for the pity party, cause i definitely owe, thanks to my mother.

    not that i'm bitter or anything..


  9. Please be careful and have your pain checked out. Not to sound like a mother hen but someone really close to me found out today that they have a tumor on their liver and they have to have more tests next week to determine if it's cancer. Please, please, please, don't put it off.