Friday, March 21, 2008

Move Along Nothing to See Here

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, I'm back at work again. But only 'til 12:30. Yay!

Yesterday was fun. I met Heidi and J for a bite to eat at Adega. Then, we parted ways: Them to the Sights of DC and Me to Get Some Nookie.

Ah. Nookie.

I feelz so much better.

I got back home around 7:30ish. J fixed a delicious dinner (punjabi beans. yum). We had lots of wine. DUN came down for food and chat. We were also joined by Lil Meerkat's cousin, Buster (he's a bad, bad meerkat ... or whatever). Fun times, kittens. Fun. Times.

I collapsed around 11.

Today, we are going to the Zoo! *w00t* The weather is nice, if a bit chilly. I'm sure the animals will be in fine form. I want to see the Golden Lion Tamarins and the Cassowaries.


After that, we'll wander through Woodley Park and Adams Morgan. Then, head over to Nellie's to meet a buncha buncha friends for Happy Hour! Who all is coming? Me, Y, Heidi, J, Tomokito, Mike, Jerry, Dana, RayandJoey, maybe Kris, maybe Darryl, maybe SCGB, maybe DUN, and maybe YOU?!?!?

Saturday, I have a lot of errandy things to do. Plus, I want to tidy the house a bit. AND, I need to start preparing for my SUPER-EXCITING interview on Wednesday. Saturday evening, we are all heading up to DUN's abode for a Not-Her-Birthday Party (even though it totally is). I'm bringing a bunch of hard-boiled eggs for us to dye! FUN!

Sunday, Heidi and J are heading home. Luckily, Y has graciously (after a bit of persuasion) agreed to drive them there. Then, I need to come home to finish tidying the house. Maybe do some laundry. And get lots and lots of red hot luvin'.

The next round of houseguests arrives at some point on Tuesday [one night only *whew*].

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  1. I love golden lion tamarins. Such cute, little faces they make. And with brilliant autumn-toned hair. What's not to love? Cassowaries I'm unfamiliar with (in the face-to-face familiarity sense), but they look purty in the linky pictures.