Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March 12 of 12

8:15AM. Going up. 6th floor: Boring Office.

10:30AM. Ack. Can't take it anymore. Going down.

10:35AM. Window cleaners. Eek. Scary.

11:45AM. Post-coital Lunch. Salsa and cheese on toast.

11:50AM. Post-coital partner. [Y usually is gone when I come home for lunch, but today he came to bed about 15 minutes before I got up for work. I figured he would sleep in a little later than usual.]

12:15PM. Pasta Vacation is Coming Soon [I have mad Spanish skillz].

3:50PM. Welcome to the 6th Floor Jungle.

4:45PM. Yet to be written Thank You note to my aunt in Maine.

5:30PM. It is good to be home. Martini and goronzola on crackers.

6:45PM. Love me. Love my laundry.

7:00PM. One can never post enough photos of their pussy.

8:30PM. I can haz full refrigerator.

The end. *whew*


  1. You got secks for lunch. I got a sandwich.

  2. Even blurry, Y looks cute.

    I didn't even leave my desk for lunch.

    I used "even" too many times in this comment.

  3. You have family in Maine? When are you coming to visit?

  4. goblinbox: I also had toast. With cheese and salsa. mmm.

    david: that's kind of how Y looks when I don't have my contacts in. yes, he is cute blurry.

    mel: My mom's sister lives somewhere in the Frozen Tundra. I don't know if I will ever make it up that way.

  5. Even the Frozen Tundra can be nice in August. And here on the coast the summers are unbelievably wonderful.

  6. Such fun photos. Bossy can't for one minute believe she is missing the D.C. extravaganza by one week. Anyway - don't drink all the booze!

  7. Wow...I think your 12 of 12 was the only one with a picture of their pussy and "going down." Luckily, it wasn't in the same picture!!! Thanks for sharing your day with us.