Friday, December 14, 2007

"Y" Do I Do This to Myself?

I have a hard time sleeping at Y's. He stays up late, studying, clicketyclackclicking on his computer, talking on the phone, leaving the lights on. When I mention this, it will change for one or two times before reverting back to the norm.

I don't sleep well. I'm irritable. I'm not getting any sex out of it. And he ends up saying things like, "I find myself getting more and more attached to you." And I end up saying things like, "Huh?" and "Whatever."

Of course, I know "Y" I did it this time: Hot water. And it was good. Fortunately, I think hot water has been restored to my building as well. Yay. Besides the comforting goodness of a nice, hot shower, I also had to pick up my last piece of pottery for this term.


Vase 6

Became this:

Last vase

Worship My Pottery Goodness, Kittens!


I have boatloads to do today. And to have done by the time I leave tomorrow. Enjoy this post. It may be the last you read for awhile [unless, (a) I miraculously get all my work done today or (2) I decided to post whilst on my Pre-Xmas VayKay in North Carolina].

OK. Must get to work. *smooches*


  1. I was gonna read a sentence at a time to draw it out over your vacation. Then it ended. Bah. You should consider putting in markers....Or write more. Slacker. :)

  2. The worshipping has begun.

    Now that word looks funny to me.

  3. No song titles. A list would be fabulous!

  4. I don't like the actual sleeping with somebody when we "sleep together." It's hard to adjust and if there isn't any sex I am not sure I see the purpose of trying.

  5. The vase is gorgeous, darling. I like the spiral-y aspect.
    I love falling asleep with someone else. But to attempt to sleep through the night like that can be tough. Superman and I are used to each other, and usually we each sleep just fine. But if I'm sleeping just sleeping with another person, a brief nap is quite enough. And I only sleep just sleep with another person. Besides Superman, I don't "sleep" with anyone else!

  6. Oh My! Another potter!

    I'm overdue for some pottery pix myself. Nice creation!