Monday, December 03, 2007

Weekend Update: Artsy-Fartsy Edition

Happy Monday, Kittens!

Not much happened this weekend. On Friday night, Peter and Tomoko came down for drinks. We watched Project Runway Season 2 on DVD. I stayed up way too late.

Saturday, I dug out my Xmas stuff and (yay!) discovered I *did* purchase Xmas cards on sale last year (yay! again). Of course, I didn't bother decorating or anything. I just put the box in the middle of my floor. Motivation. I'm all about it. I can't decide if (or where) I want to put my purple tinsel Xmas tree. And, I discovered I need more Xmas lights. AND, I was feeling lazy and didn't want to do anything. OMG. I have so much to do in just two weeks. GAH.

Of course, instead of doing anything that truly needed to be done, I knitted. And finished (!) the Never-Ending Afghan of Doom! See:

Never-Ending Afghan of Doom Finished!

It's huge. But, I bound it off too tightly so one end is all wonky. Whatever. Who cares? It's finished (woot!). One Christmas present down ... like, a gabillion to go. fork.

I cast on a scarf for the brother's girlfriend, using the leftover Never-Ending Afghan of Doom yarn. Let's not even talk about the cabled scarf and the 2 Harry Potter scarves and the mitten/scarf set that I need to get done.

Sunday, Carolyn and I went to the pottery studio. I glazed my final vase and picked up the finished Vase 5:


Then, we picked up Y and drove to the Greenbelt Art Festival. The community center there has some pretty awesome pottery studios. After dropping Y off, Carolyn and I went out for Mexican food. Yum. Once home, I knitted, watched DVDs, and turned in early. Yay.

Tonight, I'm thinking about making Pesky Mac's super-delicious Winter Vegetable Chowder. Mmmm. Or some other soup. It's a soupy kind of evening, methinks.

Exciting stuff, no?


  1. It's snowing here, so totally a soupy evening.

  2. Christmas cards? Decorations? You are way ahead of me.

  3. Exciting, yes! Again, I love the colors of the NEAoD. Mmmmm. Harvesty.

    And the new vase! I like how it turns magical on the right side.

  4. That vase is gorgeous! It reminds me of the ocean. With recent sick child events, I haven't even given decorating a thought. The hospital is bedecked and beribboned and tinselled to within an inch of its life, though. Your afghan is very Christmassy looking. Lovely.


  5. Congrats on finishing! Finishing is so much fun, you'd think I'd make smaller projects, but no.

    I made mom that brown afghan last Yule, and the end was screwed up from a tight bind-off, but she never noticed.

  6. Anonymous10:49 PM

    Oooh, that blanket is soooo freakin' perfect! And prettyyy. I like ^_^