Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Pre-Xmas VayKay

ZOMG. I leave on my Pre-Xmas VayKay in 11 days.
Have I done my Xmas Cards?
Have I drawn StickSteven 2007 Year in Review?
Have I bought/made all my Xmas Presents?

Because I have to work on Christmas Eve (bah! humbug!), I'm taking off the week before (yay!). Rather than fly (and deal with icky amateur holiday travellers and have no way to transport all my Xmas Loot!), I decided to rent a car.

Which if you think about it (and consider how much I hate to drive), it's kinda funny. And, perhaps, a disaster in the making. I mean, I drive a car maybe 2 times a year. *woot*

Let the above map serve as a warning to all of you in the affected areas, you may want to stay off the roads on the following dates:

Dec. 15th. I gets up realz early and drives 7+ hours to Boone, NC to visit my college friend, Lori.
Dec. 17th. I drives from Boone to my parents' home in Waynesville, NC.
Dec. 20th. (if I can last that long at my parents' home). I drives from Waynesville to my brother's house in Greensboro.
Dec. 21st. I drive from Greensboro to Durham to visit another college friend, Isa.
Dec. 23rd. I gets up realz early and drives 5 hours back home.

9 days. 19 hours of driving.

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  1. I wonder when you will come to MFT.

  2. gayprof: me too. perhaps when it thaws?

  3. I've been everywhere on that list except for Waynesville. Closest I've been to there, aside from driving by on I-40, is to see family in Brevard.

    Which reminds me yet again that I'm due for a trip south.

  4. mel: My Dad's family is from BreHarvard ... I don't think any relatives live there now, though.

  5. I am safe, since your going south.

  6. just me: you do know that i have a really bad sense of direction, right?

  7. i'm shocked you're not coming to athens. it's only another 3 hours from NC. geez vuboq!

  8. aunt sassafrass: Greece is only 3 hours from NC? Wow! I should definitely stop by then. I'd love to see the Parthenon.

  9. NC Cuzin4:54 PM

    Swing by Chapel Hill en route to Durham...visit nephew Cooper, who is now fully outfitted in the "Cuter than Baby Jesus" T.