Thursday, December 13, 2007

Is It Wrong to Use Someone for His Shower?

I'm headed over to Y's tonight after work. Yes, I know. But, whatever, I needs the hot water, and he has it!

Plus, I want to swing by the pottery studio to see if my final vase is out of the kiln (esp. since it is a potential family Xmas present).

Plus, Y and I have not had teh sex (no matter how you define it) in quite some time. So, perhaps, this relationship has successfully transitioned to friendship.

In other news, does anyone know the correct pronunciation of "quinoa?"

I like to say "kwai-NO-ah."
A friend told me it is "KEY-nwah."
I suppose it could also be "KWIN-oh-ah."
Or perhaps "shut-the-FORK-up-already-and-just-say-it-however-you-want."

The reason for this mentioning of the KWEE-noh-AH! is my mother emailed about a recipe she wants to try while I'm visiting that includes it. And she doesn't think they sell it in remote mountain villages. Imagine! A world without KWEEN-oh! That's ... that's just KRAY-zee talk!

I'm supposed to call her tonight and it would be helpful if I were able to pronounce that tricky little grain-like substance correctly.

I am hungry now. Dang.


  1. Well, technically, it's pronounced "KEE-noh-ah", but those last two syllables sort of get dipthongized so that it comes out as "KEE-nwah", as your knowledgeable friend said. He once again said nerdily.

    Oh, and tell her to rinse it well in cold water first, just in case there are any residual saponins on the grains.

  2. WOOT got your alphalist today! Just thought you would like to know.

  3. I just looked up the pronunciation of quinoa on websters and they had a nifty soundbite of it here

    Sounds like keenwa to me


  5. kittens: have i not explained how to hyperlink text before? was that lengthy explanation wasted upon you all? was it? I don't want to cutypastey, I want to clickyclicky!

    I still like kwai-NO-ah.

  6. Maybe it would be easier to stalk you if you bothered to come to the frozen north...

    By my reckoning, Y should be more than happy to share the bounty of his hot water.

  7. I know how to hyperlink, I am just lazy.

  8. Just what in the hell is quinoa?