Monday, December 10, 2007

Weekend Update: Holidazed Edition

Can we just pause and say "ACK!" ... as in "ACK! I leave for NC in 5 days!" and "ACK! I still need to do my Xmas Cards!" and "ACK! Parents' Christmas Present!" and "ACK! Christmas Packages that still need to be mailed!"


Other than that, I'm calm, cool, and collected, and I had a fun-filled weekend.

Friday, one of the Across-the-Way Neighbors hosted a Christmas Party. It was a lot of fun. Except for the really horrible hangover on Saturday (and, I didn't think I drank that much ... I guess I drank more than I thought ... or I didn't eat enough ... or something).

Then, on Saturday afternoon, Tomoko and I went to Y's Channukah Party, which was also fun. We returned home around 7 to watch Project Runway! YAY! PR4! *woot*

Sunday, my movie "date" never called to confirm, so I didn't go to the movies. Instead, I went to the grocery store, knitted, addressed Xmas Cards, finished the StickSteven letter, and watched DVDs. Oh, and I finished burning my Alphalist CDs (some of which will have Xmas songs interspersed throughout because I couldn't click and drag the songs on this playlist for some odd reason).

I also put up some Xmas lights and my purple tinsel tree (which I've decided not to decorate this year ... I'm feeling non-ornamental).

Fun times, kittens. Fun. Times.


  1. What kind of ornamentation could compete with the purple tensil of the purple tensil tree? It has lights, and that's enough by golly.

    I was surfing around yesterday and found a site that has a crochetted Christmas tree. It was gawd awful ugly. Your purple tensil tree is so much better.

  2. You're totally ornamental, gorgeous.