Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I Am My Father's Daughter

I watched Elizabeth last night. Let us have a moment of silence to ponder the glory that is Cate Blanchett.

*moment of silence*

Ah. That was nice.

I made Carribean Black Bean Soup last night. OMForkinG, are you ready for the super-complicated recipe? Are you? Do you think you can handle it? OK. Here goes:

In sauce pan, heat one can of coconut milk and one can of diced tomatoes with chilies.
Once hot, slowly add one package of Fantastic Foods Instant Black Beans.
Add water if it's too thick.
You can also add some corn (my people call it maize) and/or cooked rice if you want.

*whew* I hate it when cooking is so difficult.

OH. I also put together my frames for the two paintings I bought several years ago. I ordered the frames from americanframe.com. Cheap! And Easy to Assemble! I highly recommend it. The two paintings I framed are 7 1/2" x 10" and 8 1/16" x 10". Total cost (including metal frames, mounting board, UV and anti-glare acrylic, and shipping) was $33. Bargain! And did I mention so easy to assemble? I'm going to be ordering from them quite a lot in the coming months. I have about 5 or 6 more things I need to frame. Yay!

Eventually I'll take a photo or two of my mad framing skillz. Srsly.

It would seem that a certain vicious unrepentant bitter old queen has been SHUT-OUT from every known "best of" blog popularity contest in da world. Thus, I'm having my own. Please vote carefully:

Create polls and vote for free. dPolls.com


  1. Oh, honey, yours is the best blog in the entire universe. Or maybe in the Entire Universe. But I had so much trouble picking just one name to vote for.

  2. VUBOQ knows all about the coconut milk! It's great. I am going to make your sweet potato thai soup for dinner tomorrow. Am very excited. Just hope I can find the lemongrass. Not all the stores have it.

    and thanks for the frame tip-off. what a fab idea. I will give it a try for my new poster.


  3. Don't make me choose my favorite from that last! They are all equally great.

  4. I vote for Cate Blanchett. Oh, but given the options does that mean you are Cate Blanchett?

  5. i didn't want to sign up for yet another internet site, but if i didn't have to i'd definitely vote for you. you forgot one option though.

    "all of the above" wasn't there.

  6. Yeah, where is the "all of the above" option?

    The glory that is Cate Blanchett makes me swoon. Ahh!