Wednesday, December 12, 2007

12 of 12

So, here are my 12 of 12. Um. Be warned: They be boring.

Here is a shoe I passed on my way to work this morning:

Lost Platform of Dreams

oh. em. gee. Not another shot from your cubicles window?!? Unfortunately, yes. But, the clouds are neat and I was feeling all Amelie:

St. Vuboq the Devine

Jade bracelet. A gift from PAB (remember him?):

Jaded Dreams

Salsa at Whole Foods. I really should work on holding the camera still:

Everybody SALSA!

Astroturf. Shitty Palace Mall. And the Cinema. The astroturf was supposed to be a cute little park with a fountain and ice skating rink. Stupid Silver Spring bowed to pressure and has kept it like this. BLEAH:

Astroturf of Dreams

EEK! 'nuff said:


Pay on Foot, bitches. I cut through this parking garage all the time. Apparently, because I'm not retrieving a car I could be incarcerated or something. Whatever:

Parking Machines

This is the entrance to my office. Doesn't it look soulless? And depressing?


I like this house with its green door. I wonder if they have rainwater runoff issues on the roof:

Green Door

New speed cameras! Y has already been busted once. "But I wasn't going that fast," he said. "Tell it to the camera, biatch."

Speed Cameras

This cute little house is two blocks (or so) from me, and it has been foreclosed. It could be yours for only $390k (I think):


Home Sweet Home:

Home Sweet Home

(No stalking, please!)


  1. Houses with flat roofs usually have little drainage thingies on them, and still usually leak.
    I can't decide whether I like that shoe or hate it to my very core. If I saw it in a store I would probably buy it and wear it for a year before deciding on the latter.

  2. The sky..well the clouds were amazing !!
    and I love your bracelet !

    Why there is nothing on your office entrance walls ? It's all white...that's why it looks "soulless and depressing" !

  3. The entrance to your office... ugh. Is it that depressing on the other side of the door? Of course not when YOU are in it! You are a shimmering, glowing star in the cinema firmament. It says so, right up there^.

  4. But I am already stalking you.

  5. WHAT?!?!? you can't WALK through a parking lot?? gotta catch me first....sheesh!

  6. The Exit sign by your office entrance casts a very tantalizing glow.

  7. You taunt me. I would kill for a house that cost only $390,000 but it has to be on this side of the country.

  8. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Great shots! :)

  9. I liked the cloud shot. Very nice.

  10. What great photos! The brick house is really pretty!

  11. Great 12! Damn those parking lot Nazis. That's insane.

    Nice bracelet. My apartment's walls are the same color as the entrance to your office - stark white. They've got to go.