Thursday, December 06, 2007

We Need a Little Xmas

December has barely started and I'm already tired of my Xmas music ...

so I went to Borders to get some new CDs (I bought CDs! How Old School!).

I was really wanting to buy Barbra Streisand's Xmas Album (You know I have a thing for Jews singing Xmas Music), but, in the end, purchased the following:

Josh Groban's Noel,
Harry Connick, Jr's Harry for the Holidays, and
The Most Fabulous Christmas Album Ever [Ann-Margaret's "Santa Baby, It's Cold Outside" sealed the deal]

Blah blah blah. That's about it.

I have some fun pix and video on my camera, but I can't upload them at work.
Stay tuned for a final, well, final for this Snow Event, Snow-Filled Post later on this evening.


  1. I LOVE Santa Baby!

  2. Not sure about Ann-Margret's version, having not heard it yet, but I'm pretty sure my Eartha Kitt version still trumps it. Purr.

  3. HAHA! I just checked out that link, and your version IS the Eartha Kitt version. We can purr together.

  4. pacalaga: Oops. I sit corrected. Edits to come soon ...

  5. Oooooh, Eartha Kitt. I may need to add that one to my collection.

    What is it with gay men and Xmas music collections? I think David and I have about 40 or so albums between us (no Babs, though). Is it because we're so fabulously festive (which, of course, we are, but is that the underlying reason)?

  6. term to remember "fabulously festive"
    LOL about Jews singing Christmas music!

  7. Mmmmm. Harry Connick!