Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Invisible Hand of God

Remember when you were a kid and you had those toy cars that you would pull backwards and then release? And, they would go speeding off? That's what I thought of when I was replaying these videos ...

The Invisible Hand of God is all "eeeeeeeehhhn, eeeeeeeeeehhhn."

And the salt truck is all "VROOOOOOOOOM!"

And this plow truck is the same, 'cept it's all "VROOOOOOM!" then, "eeeeeeehhhn."

Yeah, I was bored at work yesterday. What of it?

I'm going to upload some photos to Flickr in a minnit.


  1. On what building is the steeple there across from the parking lot?

  2. chelsea: It's the Church of St. VUBOQ the Divine ... or something like that.

  3. Love the truck videos! I've got to show them to my 9 yr old son. He is all about trucks. Takes after his mama!