Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dirty. Cranky. Busy. Gray.

The plumbers visited my building yesterday. When they left, we had no hot water. We still don't have hot water. According to one of the board members, we *may* not have hot water until Friday.

This is not making VUBOQ very happy. Not very happy at all.
VUBOQ does not like to boil water so he can take a relatively warm sponge bath.
VUBOQ does not like feeling all gross and grimy and skanky at work.
VUBOQ does not like it at all.

Top that all off with the fact that I spent the entire day yesterday playing the evil and addictive game and you get a super-busy, stressed-out, stinky, greasy, unhappy VUBOQ who really just wants to go home and get under the covers for the rest of the day. BLAH.

OMG. I'm leaving on myt Pre-Xmas North Carolina VayKay in 2 DAYS! AUGH!


  1. No hot water would make me cranky too.

    By the by, I have recently found the joys of Manhattan cocktails (thanks, in part, to your activism on their behalf).

  2. gayprof: I'm glad you are discovering the fun that is the Manhattan! We drank them last night while watching Project Runway. Also ... if you are already stalking me, how come I'm not featured on "GayProf is Currently Stalking?"

  3. Wow, no hot water makes for yuckiness. No gym in your office or nearby that would allow a VUBOQ a hot shower?

  4. pacalaga: gym? in my office? *gasps for breath after fits of laughter*

  5. I find hotwaterlessness to be quite an adventure. That is, when I'm up for an adventure. Otherwise it is a pain in the ass. A couple of years ago we had a lot of nasty plumbing issues throughout the year. There were many adventuresome episodes. When Thanksgiving rolled around my What I'm Thankful For answer was "indoor plumbing." Because when one must go without proper indoor plumbing, one finds a new respect for it in his life. Amen.