Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Eve Eve

Here's a little photo essay from my trip. Details to come tomorrow ... possibly.

I like to call this one OMFG I'M IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE:

(which is somewhere along the NC/VA western border, I think).

Christmas Lights in a Boone Snowstorm. Sorry for the blurriness. It was cold.

and, sorry for the friggin' WHITE-OUT!!! GAH!!! Stupid wind.

My parents' Xmas Tree. Not as cute as the Purple Tinsel Tree

but, at 8 feet tall, it's slightly taller.

What tree isn't complete with Dried Okra Santa?

SuperFantastic Cousin (and Cousin-Once-Removed)

Cuter than Baby Jesus, bitches.

One neighborhood in Greensboro has this weird habit of tossing lighted chicken wire balls into trees.


Isa models her new Never-Ending Afghan of Doom

The End.
More later.


  1. How photowonderful! The drive from the DC area to Greensboro goes through some of my favorite parts of the southeast. I'd rather do it in daylight, however, especially if I encounter snow.

  2. I love the OMFGIITMON. Beautiful sky and mountains.

    And are you sure you didn't come to Seattle? Because I have those exact Christmas light photos, and I took them here in my neighborhood just a couple of years ago.

  3. Okra Santa. Never saw such a thing in my life. ...kinda growing on me, though...