Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Christmas Eve

Dooby dooby do ...

I'm back at work. It is full of teh suck. I'm taking a break from the working on the stupid weekly report to give you a rundown (sans pictures) of my exciting Pre-Xmas NC VayKay!

Saturday morning (12/15), I got up well before God intended anyone to wake up, loaded the car, and hit the road (ow!). I drove pretty much non-stop from here to Boone, NC. It took about 7 hours. I arrived at Lori's house and we headed into town. Running errands and stuff. We ran into one of her friends, who joined us for a very late lunch. This friend is CUTE, gay, single, from the DC/metro area, and did I mention CUTE? Unfortunately, he is also very very young. Oh, well. What can I say? I'm an ageist.

After lunch, Lori bought me a cute hat for Xmas. Then, we bought booze and headed to the homestead for a night of drinking and telly. Who says VUBOQ doesn't know how to Par-TAY?

Sunday, it snowed and we shopped. At Blowing Rock's outlets, Shoppes on the Parkway, I bought 4 new sweaters, 3 long sleeve t-shirts, and 1 short sleeve t-shirt. All for $150. w00t. Then, we went to a pub and drank. Mmm. Beer.

Monday, because the roads were icy, I delayed my departure until after lunch. I took a few wrong turns on the way to my parents' house in Waynesville, but managed to arrive around 3:30. My brother and his girlfriend got there about an hour later.

BTW, the windshield wipers on the rental are PANTS. PANTS, I tell you.

Tuesday was Christmas! I got lots and lots of presents - yarn to make a sweater, a new compost container, wine glasses, a pottery plate, and some other stuff that I can't remember. I still have my *big* present to open on Xmas morning.

The fam (and the gf) went shopping in downtown Waynesville. I bought a nice "Thanks for Taking Care of Isabella" present for DUN. Then, the gf left.

The rest of the visit with the parental units was fine ... we went to Asheville one day, where I bought some local handspun wool:

NC Wool

Pretty, no? I have no idea what to make out of it. Prolly a hat or scarf or something.

By Wednesday evening, the parents (esp. the mother) were driving us crazy. It's a good thing we left early Thursday morning. I drove Mike back to Greensboro. That evening, we drove to Chapel Hill to visit the SuperFantastic (male) Cousin, his wife, and the new SuperCute SuperFantastic First Cousin Once Removed. That was fun. I *heart* my relatives. Well, at least that side of the family.

Friday, we met some of the brother's friends for lunch. Then, I drove to Durham to stay with my friend, Isa, the recipient of the Never-Ending Afghan of Doom (see photo in previous entry). She gave me a rice cooker! Yay! So excited! I have been wanting a good rice cooker for AGES!

Saturday, we went to a matinee showing of Sweeney Todd. It was awesome. That evening, we went to a Xmas Party hosted by one of Isa's former co-workers.

I got up SuperEarly on Sunday to drive back to Silver Spring. It took a little over 4 hours. Traffic was fine, but it was very foggy the whole way. Good trip, but I am very glad to be home.

So ... I got home and called Y. He said he wanted to come over around 2. I had no plans to go out, so that was fine. What time did Y actually show up? 9:40. Grr. Why did this piss me off so much?

I had turned down the opportunity to have hot sweaty buttsecks with a very good-looking man because I was waiting for Y. As Gawd as my witness, that will nevar happen again. The VGL man (31, 5'10", 155lbs, Asian, hot hot hot) seemed willing to wait ... so maybe the hot sweaty buttsecks will happen this weekend (or earlier). *fingers crossed*

In other exciting news, I may be having a date later on this week with yet another SuperHot guy. When it rains, it pours, kittens.

And I seem to have left my umbrella at home.


  1. I'm in Fukuoka! Yey! Umegae-mochi!

  2. Aww, poor you, drowning in presents and hot men. It must be tough. ;-)
    XOXO, and merry Christmas!

  3. IMHO, and based on previous posts about Y, you should never again turn down anything as juicy as this because of Y. Nor neither anything even HALF as juicy as this.
    Good luck with all the date prospects this week!

  4. I think I'll finally be getting glasses next month. But that's at least a month too late. Above, I first thought you wrote that you got yam to make a sweater. Looked closer, and it was yarn. Which makes more sense, but I was looking forward to seeing your yam sweater. I bet it would be peng.