Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Murray Xmas

Java asked awhile back for a photo of my purple tinsel tree in the daylight. So here it is:

Purty, no?

My friend in Boone, Lori, gave me a special present while I was visiting her, the 1989-1992 editions of Elon University's literary magazine, Colonnades. My copies had either been lost or destroyed during my many moves.

And I thought I should share with you the joy of reading a young VUBOQ's bad poetry (and short stories) from long, long ago. Since it's the holidays and most people are out and about and not reading blogs, not many people will be harmed by the exposure.

For those of you that dare to continue reading, here's the first poem (of many):

Old Woman

Old woman --
Why do you sit there
Knitting your life away?
Spin the yarns into quilts
and mittens
and scarves
of words and pictures.
Fascinate us with your life.
Not your death in brightly
Colored Afghans.
Weave the tales of the golden age.
A shawl to keep us warm on
Cold winter nights.
The needles flashed in the setting sun.
The scarf grew longer
The life -- shorter.

(Colonnades, 1990)

Now that wasn't so bad, was it?
To think, VUBOQ has been composing bad poems for decades. Doesn't that thought make you happy?


  1. Happy Dayz from Ukaze.

    I'm bored now.

  2. Absolutely fabulous tree, dear. Thanks!
    Decades of bad poetry, huh? But isn't it fun? And really, what's important here?

  3. Aww, the purple tree! I think I remember back in the Diary-X days, when you bought that!

    Mine's white, but it has purple ornaments. Does that count?

    Ooh ooh, and some of them look like disco balls.

    Happy Holidays, VUBOQ!