Monday, December 31, 2007

Weekend Update: Pizza Edition

It's the last day of the year! *w00t!*

And, I would like everyone to know that as far as my budget is concerned, I'm taking a mulligan for December. The do-over will be called "January 2008." I don't even want to think about how over-budget I was this month. So I'm not going to! YAY!

So ... the weekend. It was fun. My date on Friday was nice. We had good martinis and good conversation at Firefly. Then, we parted ways. He to a dinner party, and I to my home. However, on my way home, Y called, saying that he and a friend were in Silver Spring and wanted to go out to dinner. I met them at the Burmese restaurant, Mandalay. Ginger salad. YUM.

Saturday, Eric from Baltimore came down for a crazy night on the town. SCGB, Eric and I enjoyed a pre-dinner drink at my abode before heading to Alero in Dupont Circle (where Y joined us) for a couple of pitchers of margaritas (and cheese dip! and spinach enchiladas!).

After dinner, the four of us headed over to Cobalt for more drinks. We met up with Ray and Joey there. We drank. Lots. And then we danced! And then we staggered home.

Sunday, very. hungover.

Around 1, I ordered pizza for Y and myself, and SCGB came over too.

and, that was about it. All in all, a super-fun weekend.

Tonight is going to be our sparsely attended New Year's Eve Champagne Tasting Extravaganza! I'm making punch (and pie!)! OK. I'm not making pie, but whatever. Right now, I think 4 people are coming. But more could wander in as I have received a few definite maybes. Like, maybe Tomoko will be there if she doesn't get snowed in at the Fukuoka airport. And, maybe Y will be there if a better offer doesn't arrive ...

I don't really care. I am not feeling like going out on the town.

So, that's it for now. More later, perhaps.


  1. Happy new year, m'dear!

  2. Sounds absolutely wonderful. I greatly prefer staying home on New Year's Eve. It is more difficult to get in a wreck with a drunk driver if I'm in my own living room.

  3. I'm staying home tonight, too.