Thursday, December 06, 2007

The VUBOQ Diet

Yesterday was the Cheese and Carbtastic Office Luncheon. Mmm-mmm.

During my afternoon break, as I was leaving to buy something for dinner at the Whole Foods, I had the following conversation with a co-worker:

Co-Worker: What are you going to get?
vuboq: I dunno. Maybe a sweet potato.
Co-Worker: Is that it? That's all your going to eat for dinner?
Vuboq: Yep.
Co-Worker: I wish I could do that, but I love to eat. How do you do it?
VUBOQ: I drink a lot.

And, that's when it hit me!
Alcohol is an appetite suppresant! (Isn't it?)
ZOMGz! I am so a forkin' GENIUS!

I'm going to write a book and make MEEEEEELLLIONS!

Get out of the way deceased Dr. Atkins, the VUBOQ Diet is coming soon to a bookstore near you!


  1. Depends on what you drink tho. My micro-brews and tasty ales are carb-laden meals. This is why I'm a large boy.

  2. A likely story, earl cootie...
    vuboq, don't alcoholic beverages contain lots of calories? I'd heard that somewhere. As earl says, lots of carbs in the brewskis. Lots of carbs in cinnamon toast, which is what I'm having right now. :-)

  3. You and I have similar eating/drinking habits. Alcoholic beverages do contain a lot of calories, but my cousin, girlfriend, and I have determined (based on the fact that we drink a lot and are still thin) that alcohol calories are not the same as food calories (thank god).

    Beer is an exception because it's liquid bread, so stick to wine and hard liquor and you'll be fine.

  4. Wine is, in fact good for you. First of all, it's made from fruit, which is healthy. Second of all, it contains tannins, which help your heart work properly (although I'm not sure how -- science is still magic to me). Then third, while alcohol does, in fact, contain calories, one does need calories to survive. So, if the diet were all alcohol, then you would get your daily requirement of energy simply by drinking, and have more fun!