Thursday, August 07, 2008

Unemployment Day 5 Bottle of Gin 1

Good Morning, Kittens!

How's work? Get into a petty argument with the co-worker in the next cubicle who insists on smacking his gum like the overweight cow he is?

Things here in Unemployedlandia are peachy keen. I sent out two resumes yesterday, and I'm going to work on a couple of government applications later today.

First, I have to venture forth into hip and happening downtown Silver Spring. I received my final (*sniff*) paycheck and my "bonus" for working until the end of the contract yesterday, so I need to go deposit them.

Here's a fun fact: Did you know bonuses are taxed at a higher rate than regular paychecks? Don't believe me? Here's a little proof:

The federal tax on my regular paycheck (which is nearly double the bonus) was $208.
The federal tax on my $1000 dollar bonus was $100 $208 $250! Fuckers.

Mmm. Hmmm. After all the taxes were taken out, my $1000 bonus was actually a $594 bonus. Woo. Hoo. I shouldn't complain. Any bonus is a nice bonus. But the taxes are reDONKulous.

After depositing the checks, I'm going to Borders (to treat myself to a book and/or DVD), the likker store (to treat myself to some gin), and the Whole Foods.

Then, home again to work on teh job stuffz. Around 3, I think I'll head over to the pottery studio to see if everything has been bisque-fired. Then, Y and I are headed to Ray and Joey's for a little get-together.

Fun times.

Finally, here's a picture of dinner last night. Using the last of the Thai Basil Pesto, I stir-fried zucchini, mushrooms and tofu. Delicious.

Thai Basil Pesto Stir-fry

Have a good day! *smooches*

PS. The Straight Guy is unemployed too.


  1. Yep, the higher tax rate on the bonuses suck!

    Sounds like you are being productive!

  2. Dude, all that tofu is going to make you GAY!

  3. goblinbox: Oh NOEZ!

  4. Are my eyes tired or are those mushrooms glazed in Michigan Brown?

  5. My straight guy has been unemployed for 3 months. It sucks. Hang in there, it will get better.