Sunday, August 03, 2008

I Force You to Look at My Knitting

I made a baby hat yesterday for a friend's co-worker. I think it's SuperCute. And, since I used alpaca yarn, it's SuperSoft, too.

Here are some photos:

Top View:
Baby Beret top

Bottom View:
Baby Beret underside

Side View:
Baby Beret side

I-cords are easier to knit than I thought they would be. Yayz.

I'm also thinking of participating in the Ravelympics and making my Dark Mark Illusion scarf. Is anyone else participating? Chelsea? Pacalaga?


  1. The hat is WAY cute. WAY WAY WAY. Love it.
    No, I'm not doing Ravelympics. The Noob has drained me of most of my knitting mojo so I'm just coasting these days.

  2. That is pwecious. And though you didn't ask me, I'm not doing Ravelympics, either. Too. Damned, Busy.

  3. Adorable hat! I love the way it swirls.

  4. anne marie in philly4:54 PM

    nice hat, vuboq!

    pottery, knitting, there anything you CAN'T do?

  5. I want to, but I haven't found anyone to play along with me yet. I roped a few friends into Sock Wars III, and while I was out on the THIRD FREAKIN' DAY, two of them are still in it nearly three months later. Poor things.

  6. Great hat! Do they have a grown-up pattern?

  7. Ohmigod. That is really cute. I don't *heart* baby people like I'm supposed to, but, doggone, that is really, really cute.

    Call me impressed. And with all the pottery you're throwing around and your language skills and I could go on, you are made of Teh Awesome.

  8. Screw a gov't job. Move off the grid and start an artist colony.

    xoxo, SG

  9. What an awesome hat! I am currently knitting my first piece of babywear. Did you use a pattern, or invent this yourself?